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December 26, 2012

MicroChips used for donkey Rescue

Implant assists in keeping track of adopted animals 

     Chipping isn’t just for Fido and Fluffy anymore. Microchips traditionally used for tracking lost dogs and cats are finding new uses in the equine rescue world. Recently a donkey rescue in Malvern Iowa has started using the Home Again Microchips for keeping track of the donkeys, ponies and mules that enter the rescue. Scott Shehan of Lusco Farms Rescue said, “the chip is an economical way to track the animals in their system.” The use of the chips allows tracking of the animals during vaccinations, farrier and veterinarian visits. Lusco Farms staff members scan each animal prior to any work being performed with a universal scanner. The medical information is then entered in their database using the chip number. Shehan also stated that, “the chip has other benefits after the donkeys are adopted. They identify the animal during annual checks conducted by the rescue and assist authorities in identifying lost or stolen pets should it be necessary.”

   Most shelters and some law enforcement agencies carry a scanner for reading the implanted chips. There are different frequencies of chips but not all scanners can read different chips. Shehan stated, “we decided to go with the Home Again brand because of their ability to read all manufacturers chips.” The ability to read all brands of chips allows the rescue to scan dogs or cats that have often shown up at the rescue by chance or from people dumping them. Unfortunately, people believe that dumping their pets at a rescue of any type assures they will be cared for. Shehan cautions everyone against doing this as the animals often times will wander off leaving them at a higher risk of being hurt or unable to find food, water or shelter. He encourages individuals to contact their local shelter or rescue group if you can’t care for an animal. Most will assist you in finding the best group to help you.

  Peaches and Grayson both miniature donkeys were the first animals to be implanted at the rescue. On a visit to Southern Hills Veterinarian clinic in Red Oak Iowa, Dr. Aimee Anderson DVM implanted the chips. It was a short process that required a quick stick of a needle containing the chip inserted under the skin. Dr. Anderson stated this was the first chip she has implanted in an equine but the process was similar to a dog or cat.  Dr. Anderson has been working with the rescue animals at Lusco Farms for the past year. If you want to learn more about micro chipping your pet, contact your veterinarian or Southern Hills Veterinarian clinic at 712-623-5511. If you would like more information about Lusco Farms Rescue go to www.luscofarmsrescue.org


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Adopting A Friend

The adoption fees at Lusco Farms are designed to help sustain the organization without being a burden on the adopters. Unfortunately putting to low of an adoption fee creates situations were donkeys have to be rescued again.

Adopt 1 standard sized donkey $250 any additinal donkey(s) $125.00** Miniatures are $300 for the first and $150 for any additional. There are requirements every potential adopter must meet. Paying an adoption fee does not guarantee an adoption. if you are declined for adoption all moneys will be refunded to you.


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The mission of Lusco Farms Rescue is to provide immediate shelter, veterinarian care and nutrition for all equines. A special emphasis will be placed on the well being of miniature ponies and donkeys. Volunteers at Lusco Farm Rescue will provide care without passing judgment on those involved in the situation. Our main purpose is to rehabilitate and find safe and caring homes for the equines that have come into our care.


"A donkey is special.  Are you special enough to be a friend?"

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