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Welcome to the Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary & Rescue! We are here to help you find the right companion for life.

Our animals are well cared for in foster homes, where, they are socialized, trained and interacting with both animals and humans. This process helps our companions transition into their forever homes easier since they are living stress free from a shelter environment.

To learn more about our adoption process, our organization and our events, or ways you can help us save lives...check out our main website or click on one of the links to the left of this page.

Every year millions of companion animals find themselves without homes. We can help you select the right match for life. Whether this is your first pet, or whether you are adding an addition to your furry family, we can help you save a life.

RVAS is dedicated to saving lives, through education, in-home consultation sessions, and through our many programs like our spay and neuter program.

We also have a number of "special needs" companions. While these guys and dolls may need a little "extra" love, they definitely give back an abundance of it!

Last year in the United States alone, 12 million animals entered the mere 6,000-8,000 shelters. Approximately 8 MILLION companions never received the opportunity to find loving homes and were euthanized. This is an epidemic. Simple solutions like spaying/neutering, state controlled breeding and more can save lives. Join RVAS in our fight to change the world on how we view these domestic companions and create laws to provide a better life.

You can learn more about our companions up for adoption by clicking here.




Dakota found herself like many dogs, in a shelter waiting for her new adopters to pick her up.

But tragedy ensued, and another dog grabbed Dakota breaking her leg severely requiring surgery. The shelter opted for euthanasia but a sympathetic group of individuals gathered around Dakota and began the process to try and save her life.

RVAS was contacted to assist them in their quest to save Dakota's life! Learn how YOU can help this puppy...

Online Coaching Course

Bring Cesar Millan directly into your home with his new online coaching course Sessions with Cesar.

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