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The Athens Area Humane Society is a No-Kill Shelter dedicated to providing shelter, care, and medical treatment for unwanted and abandoned animals of our community while finding them loving homes. As a resource for the people and the animals of our community, we offer programs such as low-cost spay neuters, education, low cost rabies services, pet food assistance, and other programs designed to foster a humane society for those animals unable to care for themselves.
Each year, the Shelter cares for as many as 1200 abandoned and stray animals, striving to adopt as many as possible into loving, lifelong homes. Please do your part by adopting a homeless pet or contributing to the AAHS today!

The Mission of AAHS is to end animal neglect, cruelty and suffering, to promote responsible pet ownership, and to provide safe shelter and locate loving homes for homeless and abandoned animals.

The AAHS shelter houses mostly cats. We adopt dogs through our limited foster program.

AAHS welcomes any support you can give: volunteers are needed for fundraisers and special events, and financial donations are always welcome, as are donations of supplies such as kitten food, cat litter, toys, and cleaning supplies like bleach and paper towels. Call AAHS at 706-353-CATS (2287) to give.

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Adopting from AAHS

The Adoption Process† |† Adoption Fees† |† Pets as Gifts
Adoption Counselors as a Resource|A Note about Adoption

The Adoption Process

Complete an adoption profile & ask any questions you may have.As part of the application, your counselor will ask for:

The AAHS has many wonderful homeless pets waiting to be loved.If you haven't already chosen a new companion, your Counselor can assist in finding a good match for you.† You can even see some of them online.

Your adoption counselor will review your profile with you and go over how to get your home ready for your new pet. Preparing ahead of time for your new arrival helps your pet feel safe and relaxed as it makes the big move from shelter to forever home.

Next, your counselor will contact your references and arrange a time for you to bring your new friend home.

During your adoption counseling, your Counselor will answer any questions you have and will go over your new pet's history and medical information. You'll also pay the adoption fee and sign the Adoption Agreement, which officially transfers your new pet's ownership to you.†

Take home the newest member of your family! Your adoption counselor will call in a few days to see how your new pet is adjusting and to answer any questions that may have come up. Even after we call you, please don't hesitate to call on AAHS if we can be of any assistance.

Adoption Fees

The adoption fee for cats is $45-95 and includes:

Spay or Neuter Surgery*
Feline Leukemia/FIV Combo Test
FVRCPC (Distemper) Vaccination
Rabies Vaccination
Flea Treatment
Earmite Treatment
Microchip Identification
Safety Collar
ID Tag
Cardboard Carrier

†††† Includes:† Spay or Neuter Surgery*
††††††††††††††††††††† Microchip Identification
† If the animal has not been sterilized before adoption, AAHS will schedule a surgery and the adopter can pick up the animal directly from the local veterinary clinic where the surgery was performed.

Pets as Gifts

Because of the lifetime commitment and personal connection involved in adopting an animal, we do not adopt animals as gifts. However, we do offer gift certificates.† Ask a staff member for details.

Adoption Counselors as a Resource

During this adoption process, please feel free to discuss any and all questions you may have with your Adoption Counselor.† For a lifelong relationship, AAHS hopes to help make a good match between pet and home, and to provide new adopters with as much information and support as possible.† Please consider us as a resource before, during, and after adoption.

A Note about Adoption

The Athens Area Humane Society appreciates your patience while we guide you through the adoption of your next friend for life.† The goal of AAHS is to find permanent, loving homes for the animals in our care.† Many of them find themselves homeless because their previous owners had not fully considered the responsibility of pet ownership and were not prepared for the commitment involved.† The animalís welfare is our foremost consideration.
Click here to visit AAHS' official site and to download an Adoption Application.

Come Visit Us!

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Our Adoption Center
located in the back of Pet Supplies Plus on the corner of Alps Road and Baxter Street
Mon - Fri: 1:00 - 7:00 pm (closed Wednesdays)
Sat - Sun: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Please call to schedule an appointment to meet with an adoption counselor.
Athens Area Humane Society
1781 Mars Hill Road
Phone: 706-705-AAHS
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