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Save-A-Life, Inc. is an all volunteer 501 (c) 3 non-profit animal welfare organization created to prevent overpopulation of companion animals through low-cost spaying and neutering, as well as supporting legislation for mandatory sterilization. In addition, SAL also provides foster care, necessary medical treatment for foster animals, and a placement assistance program to help members of the public place their companion animals. On occasion, medical assistance is provided to those individuals who could not otherwise afford to care for their pets. All funding for SAL programs comes from donations and fund raising activities. We have been saving animal lives since 1968!

Low Cost Spay / Neutering
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In addition to promoting the spaying and neutering of animals in the Savannah area, Save-a-life helps homeless animals find the loving homes they deserve. We rescue most of our animals from Chatham County Animal Control. Without our stepping in, many of these animals would have been euthanized after only five days at Chatham County Animal Control. These animals are then brought to various foster homes throughout Savannah to get them ready to be your new, loving family member.

All Dogs and Puppies include...All Cats and Kittens include...
* Up to date vaccinations (including rabies if over 4 months old)
* Heartworm testing (on preventative if negative and undergoing treatment if positive)
* De-worming and flea control
* Housetraining and socialization
* Free Spay/Neuter with adoption fee.

*Adoption fee starts at $110

* Up to date vaccinations (including rabies if over 4 months old)
* Feline Leukemia testing
* De-worming
* Liter training and socialization
* Free spay/neuter certificate with adoption

* Saving a kitty for only $90


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If you need to find a home for your pet or an animal you have found Save-A-Life, Inc. can help you. Space is very limited in our foster care program. We are not always able to take in all the abandoned and homeless pet in Savannah. We have designed a program called the Pet Placement Assistance Program to help people find homes for pets they have found or can no longer keep. Below is a list of guidelines for people who would like to participate in this program. Placement pets can be brought to Save-a-Life mobile Adoption Days at Petsmart.

NO GIVE AWAYS!!!! We are at Petsmart every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 pm. If you would like to bring an animal, below is a list of requirements you and your pet must meet:

Donít Forget:
**All Veterinary paperwork must be presented with all the requirements listed below**

+Dogs must appear to be in good health and have a good disposition.
+Every dog over 4 months of age must have Rabies Vaccination
+Every dog over 6 months of age must have a Heartworm Test and the test results must be negative.
+Dogs under 4 months of age are not required to have any shots but a distemper/parvo vaccine is highly recommended. You do not want the puppy picking up any life threatening diseases.
+All cats must be feline leukemia tested and results must be negative.
+If it is a litter then the mother cat or one of the kittens must be tested.
+All cats over 4 months of age must have the Rabies Vaccination.

Donít Forget:
**All Veterinary paperwork must be presented with all the requirements listed above**

Bring cats in carriers
Bring food, bowls, blankets
Dogs must be leashed
Bring any toy or item to make the animal more comfortable.

If you forget the Veterinary paperwork then you will not be able to find a home for the pet through Save-a-Life.
If the animal shows aggressive behavior Save-a-life or the store manager reserves the right to ask you to leave the store.
Save-A-Life will take a picture of your pet if it is not adopted and will post it on Petfinder.org
You must stay with your pet while it is at Petsmart
You must take it home with you if it is not adopted.

The Adoption Process:

If someone wants to adopt the pet you have they must meet certain requirements and pay an adoption fee. We want to ensure that each animal finds a permanent and loving home. People who do not want to pay to adopt are not good homes. The adoption of your pet includes a spay/neuter certificate given to the adopter by Save-a-Life. This will cost you nothing. Save-A-Life pays for this service. We want to ensure any animal placed through our group finds a good home and is spayed or neutered.

Don't Breed or Buy While Homeless Pets Die. . . ADOPT!


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