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Our Featured Pet.

The cutie fawn Puggle named 'Pearly' is our Featured Pet this week.

Just adorable, loving and sweet, so excited to be held and fussed over by people, this wiggly cuddlebum actually SMILES when she's happy. Yet she nearly was executed at Murray County Animal Control in Chatsworth before volunteers there helped to pull her out and transport her to Duluth. All her vetting is done (spay, worming, fecal, full shots, chipping); however, she did test light-positive for heartworms, so needs an experienced adopter/family to see her through this treatment and not over-exercise her during the crucial weeks of recovery. You will be richly rewarded with her devoted, lifelong love and considerable affectionate envy from your peers! Gets along great with most other dogs, but NO CATS as the beagle half loves a good chase of quarry.

GENERAL: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ADOPTION GROUP, FORMERLY SHOWING IN WINDER (2011-13), HAS RETURNED TO PETCO DULUTH, address 2131 Pleasant Hill Rd. at Venture Drive, next to Sydney's Seafood Buffet (Plaza also contains Furniture Mall, hhgregg, Red Lobster, Bruster's Ice Cream, BK and Taco Bell, and is located across Venture from McDonald's at the Pleasant Hill exit of I-85.). PLEASE NOTE NEW ADOPTION TIME AS OF 3/01/14, under "NEWS" below. Thank you. NOTICE: Please see different adoption locale on Sat., Apr. 4, 2013, below.
NEWS: *****IMPORTANT!! PLEASE NOTE:***** As of 3-01-14, our ADOPTION SHOWING TIME HAS CHANGED FROM SUNS. TO SATS, approx.2:30-6:15 PM, at our NEW LOCATION,:ALPHARETTA PETCO, 10980 State Bridge Road Alpharetta, GA, Store phone 678-297-0673, NOT IN DULUTH.. From the Duluth Store, simply drive up Pleasant Hill Rd for about 25mins (it becomes State Bridge), then the store mentioned will be on your left, across from a fancy McDonald's restaurant building & Kroger, past the QuikTrip Gas Station.. **SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT*** On the weekend of May 3rd-4th, our usual Sat. adoptions are going to be held SUNDAY INSTEAD (5/4) due to illness. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. CONTACT NOTICE: Please note that mail response time will vary; to have questions or inquiries answered more promptly, PLEASE CALL OR TEXT to 678-636-9627. Individual appts. to meet pets outside of store adoption times will be available on weekdays--please call to arrange.

PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING some dry dog food or cat food to feed the foster dogs/cats in our program. Volunteer foster parents could REALLY use your help with donations during this difficult recession. We are a registered 501-c(3) nonprofit group, so you can claim donations on your taxes as permitted by law.
Please call 678-MEOW-NAP if you have any questions, want a particular pet brought to adoptions at Duluth Petco, or would like to schedule a one-to-one pet visit outside of weekend adoptions. Please DO leave a message on voicemail so we'll be able to return your call--unfortunately, we don't have the volunteers to answer the line in person much of the time. Requests for intakes at this time may NOT always receive a call back due to the fact we are at or over capacity and cannot accept new pets EXCEPT RETURNS OF PETS PREVIOUSLY ADOPTED FROM US at any point in the past.
For all recent dog/catfood donations to our shelter, THANK YOU WITH ALL OUR HEART (and tummies). Blessings from our homes to all of yours who have made monetary or food donations during 2013 for all your generous, helping hands in tough economic times!! We are especially beholden to the angels who've \donated $100s in both cat & dog food, providing dozens of meals for our many foster pets, and to L. Mitchell and J. West (both former adopters and repeat donors) for continuing generous gift card support toward much-needed pet supplies for our fosters; you have kept us afloat more times than we can count. Our deepest thanks all our weekend donors, big and small. Every cent matters!!!!

***NOTICE*** In order to motivate adoptions during this terrible recession, we're CONTINUING to sharply mark down adoption fees on ALL mixed-breed pets to a relatively trivial adoption fee (including all vetting) far under our self-paid vetting costs, regularly averaging $200+ per pet, more in the case of heartworm treatment or need for special prescription diets.
WHY THE FEE? In case the match doesn't work out, we still want there to be some motive to return the pet safely rather than leave it on the street or dump it at the pound. Please note that it is against both rescue group policy AND the various petstore Adoption Partner regulations where adoptions are promoted to give out pets gratis to anyone who wants, without concern for whether they'll take humane care of, and keep, the pets. Furthermore, and most importantly, Foster Homes in this rescue pay ALL VET COSTS, FOOD & MAINTENANCE CARE OUT OF POCKET and seldom have adequate donations to fully "sponsor" any one pet's needs or even the week's food supply. Also, we're absolutely committed to avoiding pet flippers (resellers to flea markets and on-line sites seeking to pocket a profit with no regard to screening applicants or follow-up with the home); nor do we want them winding up as "free snake food" for pet pythons/boas, etc., nor as "live bait" for dog fighters--for more info, please see Petfinder info on "Why pay any adoption fee?".

We're NOT COMPLETELY OUT OF THE WOODS yet as far as ongoing reduction of fosters (progress acceptable so far but needing to continue). We're deeply grateful to the individual families & a few other businesses that have responded so far to this crisis since 2009-10. We're a no-kill shelter, and the pets are in good health/ fully vetted (or are under current treatment for any present health concerns until restored to good health).
After 13+ yrs of doing rescue/adoptions in the Lawrenceville /Duluth and Winder areas, you can rest assured we stand behind our pets, and that none is neglected or in harm's way. We've always passed routine Animal Control and Dept of Ag inspection previously, and can offer several vet references familiar with the care we give. Every pet receives approximately $200-$350 in vetting care costs, but as mentioned above, to promote these adoptions during difficult economic times, we're STEEPLY SLASHING ADOPTION FEES (esp. on adult cats and mixed-breed dogs) because we would rather incur the debt than SEE THESE CUTE, SWEET, ADOPTABLE PETS either remain without a home or RISK RETURNING TO DIE at Animal Control because of their objection to quantity of fosters . We've NEVER had a citation or health violation issued, and all pets come with a refundable 30-day trial period. Pets are kept up to date with vaccines/exams, and seen regularly by their veterinarian every year or more, including returning immediately if and whenever any health issue arises.

Unfortunately, as a consequence of foster homes being overwhelmed with our present foster load, we will NOT BE ABLE TO ACCEPT ANY MORE INTAKES at this time, although we DO accept lifetime-long returns of pets adopted FROM US in the event of a crisis preventing the adoptive family from continuing care of the adopted pet (for example, housing, income, or personal health loss), including pets found with our microchip implanted.

PLEASE HELP CROSS-POST AND CIRCULATE THIS SITUATION and the advantages that this sale offers to willing families that can help provide new, lasting homes or alternative fosters for these innocent pets who already escaped Death Row one time to receive good care and vetting, to wait in safety for a second chance at a good home. None of them deserves to return to lethal injection just because their forever families are taking longer to find them these days!

Who We Are

: We are a very tiny group made up solely of dedicated volunteers who strive to obtain second chances to have a good, fulfilling, well treated life for pets who were dumped at local high-kill county shelters to die, picked up by animal control and never reclaimed; found on the street without I.D., those with physical impairments such as broken limbs or positive heartworm tests who needed treatment beyond the former owners' means; also neglected, abused, or untraceable stray pets turned into us to find a better living situation; and victims of the economy who were thrown out, abandoned, or "left behind" due to a foreclosure, eviction, or family breakup situation. The pets live in a foster family situation as if they were our own pets until they find their forever families.
We are a NO-KILL SHELTER, meaning we do not euthanize healthy, placeable pets in order to make room for more incoming animals; therefore, our space is SEVERELY LIMITED until adoptions open up a new spot. This means we MAY NOT HAVE ROOM FOR NEW TURN-INS when you contact us, in fact, calls/emails regarding turn-ins or found strays may not receive a response, simply b/c we have no space to handle more, even though we care very much. Note that this is DULUTH S.H.F. only, and our situation does not equal or reflect that of the much larger Lawrenceville chapter, our overseeing "parent" group (homepage, managed by Dennis Kronenfeld and Mary Springer. Please do not contact the Duluth group about matters concernng animals adopted at their location in Snellville Petco. If you are seeking info about the SOHF-Lawrenceville public spay/neuter clinic, please call 770-962-4301 and leave your info for a call-back or appointment.

What Does My Adoption Fee Include?

: In addition to spaying or neutering, worming, deflea'ing, vaccinations, heartworm testing (dogs) or leukemia/FIV testing (cats), microchipping, claw trimming, and monthly preventatives, we treat any additional physical ailments with which the pet may arrive (for example, earmites, ear infection, gum disease, yeast in the coat or ears, skin infection, cuts or bites from an earlier conflict, pad wounds from long-term unclipped nails, neck wounds from never-loosened collars during growth, various intestinal parasites including coccidia and all types of worms, and a range of behavioral issues as well. We frequently teach crate/house-training, confidence building, gender-specific fear diminishment, and other forms of rehabilitative training; we also work closely with the certified Petco trainer to correct any problematic areas). The lead foster mom/adoption coordinator of the Duluth chapter holds a master's degree in behavioral science and enjoys working with pets who need a little extra help to reach adoptable status.
All daily operating expenses come entirely out of our own pockets, including paying retail vets for procedures; therefore, we are hugely dependent on donations by animal lovers such as yourself. We are a licensed, nonprofit entity which means donations are tax deductible as permitted by law. Thanks for visiting our homepage, and we hope to see you Sats at Duluth Petco!

Adopting a friend

The goal of our rescue is to seek out successful, permanent matches between available pets and interested adoptive families. We use a screening application, short interview, phone follow-up, and depending on circumstances, may require a before AND/OR after-adoption home checkup on the pet's progress/living situation. We at all times reserve the right to refuse any adoption for any reason.
Certain bully breeds (pitbulls and pit mixes, rottweillers and rottie mixes, bulldogs, bull mastiffs, boxer mixes, presa canarios, dobermans, etc). may REQUIRE a yard/fencing inspection prior to adoption per local animal control ordinances; this is local and/or county law regarding public safety, and we cannot make exceptions.
Because we believe in the healthy socialization and pack mentality of dogs and strive to keep our pets as safe as possible before and after adoption, NO PET WILL BE ADOPTED AS AN OUTDOOR-ONLY ANIMAL.

Also, we do NOT PERMIT DECLAWING which involves amputating the bone of the entire first joint of each finger and can have extensive behavioral complications. We may, however, have turned-in/rescued declawed cats available from time to time. In order to avoid feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline AIDS (FIV) infection as well as traffic hazards, plant & rodent poisonings, and getting eaten by predators, CATS MUST BE KEPT INDOORS. Of course, a screened-in sunporch, designated outdoor cat enclosure, or outings via leash/harness are acceptable & enjoyed very much by the cat.

Come Visit Us!

NOTE CHANGES!!! Starting 3/01/14, we show our pets every Saturday at the Duluth Petco, approx. 1:30am-4:15pm, located at 2131 Pleasant Hill Rd. in Duluth, GA 30096. The store phone # is 678-475-1147.** NOTE:** See NEWS above for different locale on Sat. 4/5 in Alpharetta, not Duluth. Individual appointments in the Lawrenceville/Duluth/Lilburn area of our major foster home are also available by arrangement (for example, around Gwinnett Mall area). Important: If you wish to view a particular pet, PLEASE call ahead (by Friday evening) and let us know. We strive to rotate the selection of animals brought to Adoptions on any given Saturday, but there's no guarantee your pet of interest will be included unless you let one of us know to be sure to bring him/her!

In the rare event that very inclement weather or illness prevents us from attending Saturday adoptions as scheduled, any alternate rescheduled time will be posted here, or showing will simply be moved to the following weekend.. Thank you.

Society of Humane Friends-Duluth
Please contact us via email/phone below.

Duluth, GA
Phone: 678-636-9627 (678-MEOW-NAP)
Voicemail--May call or text!

Main Foster home contact/Adoption Coordinator: Lisa Hartman,
cell 678-386-9272 [PLEASE LIMIT TXTING].
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