"Meow" means "woof" in cat. - George Carlin

Humane Society of South Brevard

2600 Otter Creek Lane
Melbourne, FL 32940

Hours: Noon to 4 pm Monday thru Saturday and Noon to 3:00pm on Sunday.



Great things come in fives-did you know that? A high five, the five senses, the five elements...and me. I am Cinco: four pieces wonderful, one piece special. I am a terrific, friendly boy who arrived here in 2011 as a tiny kitten. We figured out early on that my eyelids needed some surgery and took care of that. I do look a little sleepy all the time but can see just fine. And although I am perfectly healthy, I have always seemed to be the kitty who catches a cold first-if someone comes in who has been around a sick feline, I am like the canary in a coal mine...sneeze! Sneeze! So I might be like the kid who needs the extra pediatrician visit from time to time...or to be in a home that is very careful with me. You know who you are-the thoughtful people out there who wash their hands after greeting someone else's paws before they give scritches to their brood at home. The great people here think I will really thrive when I simply find a lower traffic home of my own. You can see in my picture that I am a great big lunk of love-we just want to be clear that my new home should be someone who knows to treat me like the special guy I am. Other cats are fine...I have spent almost my entire life around others and do well as member of a pack. My preference, however, does seem to be attention from people and I am the current lovable greeter who meets most everyone at the door. So come on by and meet me-you won't believe I am still here. I may be Cinco, but am ready to be Uno in your heart! Call and ask about me, or stop by seven days a week from noon to 4pm, except on Sundays when we close at 3pm. Our phone number here at Otter Creek Lane is 321-259-0601. We are easy to find-just north of the Pineda Causeway off US1, diagonal from the Melbourne Grills.

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Our website: www.brevard.petfinder.org To e-mail us: humanesocietysb@bellsouth.net

The Happy Tail of Tyler

This is the Happy Tail of Tyler. Some Happy Tails are a long time coming, and although Tyler had a very good life for a long time, now he has the really great life he has always deserved. Here is how it happened... A long time ago-in cat years, forever, but really about 10 years...actually, a long time not matter how you look at it. So, a long time ago, a great cat arrived at the Humane Society of South Brevard. Like so many, he was someone's family member at one time, then found himself here wondering what in the world happened to the world he used to know. He had a sweet, round tabby face and would look deep into your eyes...and bump! Tyler loved to give head bumps. And he loved affection and attention from people. But he was confused about being abandoned, and a little sharp side of his personality came out. Every once in a while, he would lightly nip a finger that was petting him. And sometimes, Tyler would “forget” where the litter box was. Now, at the Cat House there are many, many litter boxes. You can't stand anywhere in the house and not see one, even if you are at cat level. So we knew Tyler was making a statement. Why did my family give me up? But overall, Tyler was very happy here and tolerated the many cats and kittens who would come and go. He became a “lifer”; an old timer, recognized and loved by the volunteers. When Tyler started to lose weight, we thought for sure he wasn't long for this side of the rainbow bridge. Long time supervolunteer Marianne decided she would take Tyler and give him his very own home for his final days. Then, it was his final weeks. Well, we're well into the next year with Mr. Tyler, and he is finding the litter box every day, eating like a champ...and never ever biting the hand that feeds him. He is the happiest cat ever. The moral of this story is very clear, and very important: there is no such thing as a bad cat (or dog for that matter). There are only great cats that find themselves in sad situations. Even though Tyler was loved and roamed free inside the Humane Society of South Brevard, all he ever wanted was all any of us wants; he wanted a home of his own.


We are in need of cannned cat food. Any kind or amount is very welcome and appreciated. Remember it is all tax deductible.
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The next board meeting will be posted as soon as we have a date It is held at the Fee Avenue Library



We will be having another yard sale fairly soon and hope to see you there. We have a large varity of things including household books and lots more . We have a cottage on the grounds and that;s where the sale is going to be. As always we are accepting donations 7 days a week at the shelter and remember they are tax deductible. In case you haven't been here before we are located on Otter Creek Lane. We are 2/10th of a mile north of the Pineda Causeway. It's the 2nd left right off US 1


The Humane Society of South Brevard is an independently-run, non-profit, no-kill animal shelter. We DO NOT euthanize ANY animal unless their quality of life would suffer due to major medical problems. Our cats are free to roam inside our facility. We always strive to provide individual attention to all of our animals until they can be placed in caring, loving, lifetime homes. We have provided this service since 1978. In the unlikely event you find the pet you have adopted does not quite fit into your family, we will always take our cats back.
We take in cats on a pre-arranged basis only. Since we are a no kill shelter we do not "make room" for new cats. As we adopt and have space available we take in more.


We DO NOT receive any federal, state or county funding. With only several hundred members, dues do not come close to covering what we spend on the animals. Fortunately, several members have left bequests to our Society and this has enabled us to continue our great work. Please remember the animals when you prepare your will. There are organizations with similar names, so please be specific in naming the Humane Society of South Brevard, Inc. Remember, we depend solely on your kindness.


To become a member please send us your name, address, phone number and a check for the appropriate amount. With your membership you will receive our newsletter, filled with pet tips and information about the shelter. If you have any questions, please call 321-259-0601. Our membership levels are as follows:

Student (non-voting) $6.

Individual $18

Family $40.

Organization $50.

Patron $85.

Life $250.

SPECIAL NOTES Although there are many good animal care groups in Brevard County, and we support any and all sincere efforts to care for unwanted, abused and neglected animals, we want you to know there are differences. If you have any questions about our policies or mission, please contact us with your questions. We will be more than happy to answer them for you. Call us at 321-259-0601.


We currently have many wonderful cats available for adoption. The fee is $75.00. This fee includes feline leukemia and FIV tests,microchip, spaying or neutering, rabies and feline distemper vaccines, and deworming. WE DO NOT adopt to homes that declaw or let their cats outside. It is against the law in Brevard Co. for your cat to run loose and of course there are many dangerous things they can get into ourdoors. .


We also have a foster program to help with our unadoptable cats, for a small fee of $5.00 per month we will send you a picture and bio of the cat of your choice and of course you can come and visit anytime. This helps defray the cost of caring for these cats that will spend their lives with us. For more information please call 321-259-0601 HOW YOU CAN HELP Ther are many ways you can help our organization. Here's how.


Here are some of the items WE NEED MOST: PAPER TOWELS , WE NEED FILE CABINETS, ANY SIZE Also canned cat and kitten food and dry kitten food, cat litter, scoopable , . We can also use simple green cleaner, or orange plus . We need some of the rubbermaid type cabinets with shelving in them . We take care of many birds on the property including peacocks and can use wild bird seed, and fresh peanuts. Remember everything is tax deductible

There is a new search engine besides Google and Yahoo called Goodsearch. At www.goodsearch.com If you use that instead of the others and select us we will get a donation from them at the end of the year. There is also a website called zootoo.com/makeover If you log on and pick out our shelter and follow the steps we get points towards a shelter makeover.


We are always in need of volunteers to help care for the cats and maintain our property.


We are open between noon and 4pm Mon thru Sat. and noon to 3:00 PM on Sun. Directions: We are the 2nd left past the Pineda Causeway off US 1 right accross the road from the Pineda Landing.

Humane Society of South Brevard

2600 Otter Creek Lane Melbourne Florida,32940

Phone: 321-259-0601

Email: humanesocietysb@bellsouth.net