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NewsÖ We need foster homes!

Help from our supporters is greatly needed. It's kitten and puppy time again. Every day well-intentioned folks bring baby animals to our Adoption Center or leave them in a box at our door. Unfortunately, our shelter can house only so many. We get to the point that we have to turn stray pets away. When these turn-always end up at city pounds, more than likely their days are numbered. Help from our supporters is greatly needed.

Serving as a foster family for a litter of kittens or puppies could save their lives. Watching the little ones grow and play makes it entirely worthwhile. If you prefer an adult pet, shelter homes are also needed for dogs and cats.

Friends of Strays provides any necessary training. We also supply the cages, formula, pet food, etc. All foster families need to provide is temporary love and care. Some shelter home stipulations are required, so please feel free to speak with someone at our shelter (727-522-6566) for specifics. Providing a shelter home gives families a chance to have the enjoyment and companionship of loving, adorable pets without a long-term commitment.

Individuals interested in helping to alleviate our overcrowded shelter may complete our online application at or call our shelter.

Who We Are

Friends of Strays is a non-profit, volunteer organization founded in September 1978 and is dedicated to the care and adoption of homeless pets. The organization is funded by individual contributions, wills, bequests, memberships, and proceeds from our Thrift Shop. Friends of Strays provides services to the most needy section of our pet population, the homeless animals of Pinellas County. These services include the daily care, sterilization and temporary shelter until adoption of the pet can be arranged. We are also active in programs that educate the public about humane treatment and care of animals. The primary goal of Friends of Strays is to stop the reproduction of homeless cats and dogs that are abandoned and left to roam, unable to care for themselves. Friends of Strays is dedicated to caring for those who cannot speak for themselves, our voiceless friends, the animals. Friends of Strays is a No-Kill Shelter.

Adopting a Friend

Adopting a pet into your family is a big decision. We encourage you to discuss adopting a pet with all family members before taking this step. Can you commit to caring for the animal for its lifetime? This is a commitment and responsibility to provide food, shelter, medical treatment, and love for the lifetime of that animal. Pets have feelings and donít understand when they lose their happy home to find themselves in a cage at a shelter again. Frequently they may think itís their fault and that they did something wrong. When you consider adopting a pet into your family, please remember itís a lifetime commitment for both you and your new pet.

Requirements: Complete our questionnaire & home inspection for all dogs and puppies (we may also require a home inspection for certain cats).

Kittens $45 plus $3 cardboard carrier(unless you provide a carrier
Cats $30 plus $3 cardboard carrier (unless you provide a carrier)
Dogs $65 plus $4 collar and leash fee





License and tags

Heartworm test for dogs

Feline Leukemia and AIDS test for cats

Dogs are micro-chipped

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For more information contact

our shelter


Come Visit Us!

Our Adoption Center lets pet lovers interact with lovable furry friends. Adoption hours are 10 am to 3 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

Friends of Strays
2911 47th Avenue N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33714
Phone: (727) 522-6566

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