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 Furry Nation Salvation is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. FNS is dedicated to finding FURever homes for the abandoned, unwanted, and disposed of companion animals.
We do not have a shelter. We rely on the kindness and generosity of animal lovers like you who open their hearts and homes to help foster homeless animals that desperately need our help. We thrive in educating the public on the importance of spay/neutering their pets and we provide locations for lost cost spay/neuter and shot clinics for the purpose of reducing unwanted births and unfortunate deaths of animal offspring. We TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) feral cats that are unadoptable, which will stop them from breeding and ultimately help with the cat over-population problem.

Adopting A Friend


1) You must show up with a cat carrier for a safe return to his/her new home (15 dollars at walmart, although you may want to get a bigger size as you never know how big your kitty will get)
2) I will have you fill out an adoption contract (your personal information as well as mine).
3) I am asking new parents to purchase a PRE-PAYED neuter/spay certificate for their kitten (if not spayed/neutered already)  which is only 35 dollars for a male and 45 for a female. It can be used in the Port Orange/Daytona area. If you live outside this area we can talk about other options when you call
4) I will take a picture of you to add to my adoption book. YOu can check out my book during the adoption process if you'd like. I will also send you the picture a week or two later as that is the time I check on you and the kitty to make sure the adoption is going well.


1) You will receive a 3 page informational packet that can answer any questions you may have. Has information of places to get discounted meds and other things.
2) Spay/Neuter certificate OR vet documents
3) Copy of the adoption contract (will have kittens DOB and background on it as well as my contact information)


Who We Are

Furry Nation Salvation wanted to inform people of 6 different locations for DISCOUNT spay/neuter clincs out there so there are less kittens/puppies looking for homes, abandoned, or taken to a shelter, which would ultimately result in less being euthanized each and every single day. This will also help the over-population of cats as we have a pretty big issue that most people are not aware of.**(Pair of breeding cats and their offspring can produce over 420,000 kittens in 7 years!). 30% of pure breed dogs are in the shelters as well! Save a life at your local humane society!

*****REMEMBER you can always contact your LOCAL humane society to find out where you can get your dog/cat spayed or neutered at a discount. IF they can't do it for a discount they will most likely be able to give you information/numbers for places that do.*******

1) HALIFAX HUMANE SOCIETY on MASON (new location called the Redinger Clinic) which is located in the Arnie Foundation complex.
Address: 600 Mason Ave, Daytona Beach, FL
Phone: # 310-4935
Website: www.redingerclinic.org
*****NOTE***** This clinic is offering spay/neuter for free for Holly Hill residents with zip code 32117. This also includes their shots and micro-chipping...This offer is in effect until the gant runs out.
They offer discount neuters ($25) and discount spays ($40). They also offer LOW COST vaccinations (1 vaccination for $10, 2 for $15, and 3 for $25) and identification chips incase your pet ever gets lost. Identification chips only cost $15.98.
****FOR DOGS**** (at Halifax Humane Society on MASON) # 310-4935: Male (up to 29 lbs) $45 and Female (up to 29 lbs) $55. Male (30-59 lbs) $55 and Female (30-59 lbs) $65. Male (60-80 lbs) $60 and Female (60-80 lbs) $75. Male (over 80 lbs) $75 and each additional 10 lbs is $5 dollars and Female (over 80 lbs) $90 and each additional 10 lbs is $5 dollars.

2) CCFAW (Concerned Citizens for ANimal welfare)- ** Located in the Port Orange/Daytona area
You can go to their website to see upcoming days for low-cost shot clinics.
They set up appointments at participating vet clinics located in S. daytona and Port Orange area. Spay costs $45 and a neuter $35. Shots are super inexpensive (rabies 10 dollars and distemper 10 dollars).
You can email CCFAW so they can schedule your discount spay/neuter/shots at CCFAW@CCFAW.ORG. Discount spay and neuter only happens on a Tuesday or Wednesday: Or you can call at: Cheryl Robel, President (386) 852-2737 Patty Mihalic, Treasurer (386) 316-8103 Marea DeMauro (386-760-6330).

3) "Volusia Society for Animal Aid" in Edgewater
The number to the shelter is 424-2442.
Located at: 605 mango Tree Drive Edgewater, FL 32132
They are offering low cost shot's, deworming, nail triming, lower cost Heartworm meds and Flea Meds. Micro chipping.
Cat Neuters = $35 Cat Spay's = $60 Dogs will go by weight, no dogs under 10lbs. No Feral Cats at this time.

4) FLAGLER CATS located in BUNNELL (2405 E. Moody Blvd (SR.100), Suite 404 Bunnell, FL 32110)
Phone: (386) 503-4250
Males - $25 inclues rabies shot and FULL exam
Female- $35 includes rabies shot and FULL exam

5) PET VET CRUISER for the county if a person lives in the unincorporated part of the county or the cities of Deland, Debary or South Daytona. The county offers a Free Roaming Cat program that is unlimited for these residents and the cost is $25per cat no matter what the sex is. This program is not income based. This includes the spay/neuter, a rabies vaccination and also the ear notch. * For household cats the fee is $15 and this is income based. You must show proof. Please call the following numbers to get more information. Please call the following numbers to get more information.
386-323-3575 Daytona Beach
386-626-6643 Deland
386-424-6875 New Smyrna Beach

6) NEUTER COMMUTER in Ocala (for Marion County residents only): #352-307-1351
$40 dollars for cats/dogs male or female.
The 40 dollars includes spay/neuter, rabies shot, and micro-chipping. Call a month or so in advance to make an appointment.

PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD ON DISCOUNT SPAY/NEUTER so less kittens/dogs are born which will give homes to the ones in shelters! 21,000 cats and dogs are euthanized every single year in Florida shelters!

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