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This fall Meade Canine Rescue continues to focus on older pets who end up dumped towards the twilight of their lives --- not acceptable! Every chance we get we take these older dogs under our wings and make them whole again with lots of love and good food and walks in the fields. New beginnings in new surroundings with love that is boundless seems to put life back into dogs who were on euthanasia lists just for being, well, "old". One of the biggest joys is seeing those dogs not only safe but adopted by homes that give them unlimited love and care. So don't please be of a mind that senior pets cost more or cause sadness because they die too soon. Let's debunk those myths. Puppies get sick a lot more easily than old dogs (who build immunity to so many common illnesses) and the joy that is obvious in seniors who are loved far outweighs the sadness that comes from their deaths. When a dog is given a second chance to smell the breezes during his already short time on this earth it is a true celebration at the end! MCRF welcomes news of any dogs in danger who need a safe haven in their senior years.

Who We Are

Meade Canine Rescue Foundation is a non profit canine rescue established with the goal of saving dogs (and the occasional cat) who for various reasons end up in local municipal pounds and would otherwise be euthanized. Established by one woman who walked into a kill pound one spring afternoon only to learn that the dogs she had her eye on that day would not be there the next - with the 3 day holiday approaching, the dogs would be 'put down' to make less work for the staff. With that news weighing on her, she went home and built fences, determined to do what she could for as many as she could. And she quickly learned that there is truth in that line so well known in the world of rescue - saving one dog won't change the world but it sure will change the world for that one dog! And saving more than one will...yep, change the world for more than one. And thanks to loving people and great dogs...Meade Canine was on its way!! Believe it or not, dogs listed on this site are those who TRULY were in danger -- and by adopting from MCRF, room is made for another wonderful, but oh so unfortunate, CA animals sitting in a concrete cage on borrowed time in a state which has surprisingly sad laws for impounded dogs. Meade Canine welcomes inquiries and is more than willing to answer behavioral questions. Overnights for dog socialization can be arranged with advance notice. Other services including dog transport, vet scheduling and pet matchmaking. Thank you for your interest in rescuing - and always be responsible. :)

Adopting a friend

Adoption fees are established on an individual basis and an attempt is made to keep them within reason as per the dictates of vet care, etc. Donations are greatly appreciated and every penny goes towards the rescue and care of dogs in danger.

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We are a shelter on 12 acres in Central California and welcome visitors 365 days a year!
Meade Canine Rescue Foundation
Creston, CA
Bethlehem, CT
Phone: 805-239-4004 or 203-266-5868

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