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Who We Are

Hamden, CT, is a wonderful community located in Southern Connecticut. Like any municipality, Hamden faces the challenge of finding homes for abandoned dogs and cats, and reuniting lost animals with their families. The Hamden Animal Control Petfinder site is manned by caring volunteers, reaching out to the community for assistance.

Finding homes for animals in need is a group effort. Hamden Happy Tails Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to provide assistance to Hamden's homeless and abandoned animals. With the help of volunteers and Hamden Animal Control Officers, Chris Smith and Steve Gimler, Hamden Happy Tails Foundation promotes the adoption of Hamden's homeless pets .

Adopting a Friend
Most of the dogs and cats in our care come to us as strays. They are evaluated during their 7-day stray hold period and become available for adoption at that time.
Our goal is to ensure forever homes for the dogs and cats in our care by making the best match possible. Adoption is contingent upon completion and approval of an adoption application which can be downloaded here or obtained from Hamden's Animal Control Officers.
Unspayed or unneutered cats and dogs are adopted out under the State of Connecticut Animal Population Control Program ("APCP"). Connecticut residents must pay a $50.00 fee ($45.00 goes to APCP, $5.00 to the municipality) at the time of adoption, which entitles the adopter to a vaccination/sterilization voucher valid for sixty days. The voucher provides a one-time sterilization fee plus two pre-surgical vaccinations coincident with sterilization. For more information about APCP, please contact Hamden Animal Control at 203-230-4080.
Presently we do not have a shelter. Hamden is currently in the planning process. We hope to have a shelter to call our own in the near future. Until that time, our dogs and cats are housed primarily in the North Haven Animal Control shelter or in the animal shelters of neighboring municipalities. If you see a dog or cat you would like to meet, please call Officers Smith or Gimler at 203-230-4080 to schedule an appointment.
Contact Us
Hamden does NOT have a shelter of its own. If you are interested in a pet, please call Officers Smith or Gimler at 203-230-4080 for more information. Please reference the impound number in the dog or cat's profile.

Hamden Animal Control
2900 Dixwell Avenue
Hamden, CT 06518
Phone: 203-230-4080

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