Lifeline Puppy Rescue

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Our Adoptable Pet List

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Who We Are & Services we provide

People like adopting Lifeline's puppies and giving them a chance at life. The Lifeline connection to small towns and rural areas is crucial. When we work together, puppies no longer have to be destroyed.

No-Kill Puppy Rescue

Under 12 weeks old, from shelters or other rescuers that are not prepared to adequately care for or find proper homes for puppies.


To adopt from Lifeline you will need to complete a qualifying questionaire and sign a contract. Average adoption fees range from $85 - $125. 30 days free veterinary care insurance included with each adoption. Rebate upon proof of spay/neuter.

Education On Animal Issues

Our experts counsel adopters and individuals on such issues as spay/neuter, early puppy care, pet introductions, and proper matching.

Volunteer Opportunities

For students and individuals with an interest in pets and pet care.

16 year old age minimum.

Microchip Clinic

Our low-cost ($20) microchip clinic is open by appointment. This is less than 1/2 price! All dogs are welcome.

Veterinary Referral

Extensive listing of vets. These vets offer continuing puppy care advice and spay/neuter information. Free exams to Lifeline Pet Rescue adopters. All puppies have current shots, have been dewormed, and have kennel cough vaccine.

Adopting a friend

We don't reserve puppies, take requests, or take waiting lists. Visit our web site at for a current listing of puppies

This is the best selection of young, mixed breed puppies.

Come Visit Us!

Lifeline does not ship out of state. All adopters must pay a personal visit to our adoption center. Lifeline Puppy Rescue is on reduced winter intake.

Phone: 303-655-9696
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