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adoption processThe process for adopting an animal may take up to an hour or longer in order to get to know and understand the animal you are bringing into your home for life. Be sure you are prepared for a pet by asking yourself our BEFORE YOU ADOPT QUESTIONS.


10 Steps to Adopt a Pet

1. Visit the Adoption Center, and view all of the animals available for adoption. At some point all family members will need to meet the animal.


2. If you see an animal you would like to get to know or have questions about a particular animal, notify an Adoption Counselor & fill out an Application.


3. An Adoption Counselor will review & discuss the Application with you to make sure the animal selected is a good match for you and your household.


4. You & your family will be introduced to the animal in a socialization area or habitat, where you will have a chance to get acquainted.


5. If you already have another pet in the household it is often necessary to have a pet-to-pet visit as well to ensure a good match. This can be arranged after an application is submitted.


6. If you are renting, you will need landlord approval before bringing the animal home. In some circumstances, a premise check may be done.


7. After the application is approved, you will receive counseling on how to make the best transition of your newly adopted loved one into your home.


8. An Adoption Packet of information will be provided to take with you, including a copy of the animal’s health record, a history of the animal (if available) and pet care information.


9. We invite you to visit our Paws to Shop pet supply store to gather all of the necessary food, accessories and care products for your pet, and in appreciation of your adoption you will receive a one-time 15% discount storewide.


10. Finally we invite you to send photos and updates of your new companion or come back and visit us as we love to see our animals with their new families.

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The mission of the Sonoma Humane Society is to:
prevent cruelty to animals,
advance their welfare and protection,
encourage the relationship between people and animals, and improve the quality of life for both.

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