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Need a gift giving idea? Our "Gifts of Love" program allows you to make a tax-deductible donation in honor of a loved one, whether given in memory of a person or pet, share a birthday or holiday, or just for the pleasure of giving. A card announcing your donation (not mentioning the amount) is sent to the person whose name the gift is given in), and you receive a receipt acknowledging the contribution. Checks are made to "Blue Bell Foundation for Cats". If you are interested and do not receive our newsletter, you may write your gift of love specification (holiday, memory of, etc.) on a piece of paper and send it to us, including your name and address, AND the recipient of your "Gift of Love". Please mention that you saw this on Petfinder, and we will also add you to our mailing list.

WISH LIST/DONATIONS REQUESTED: CONTINUING: Paper plates & towels, bleach, Simple Green, Clay kitty litter, cat toys. Thank you!

CASH DONATIONS: Since we are non-profit, your tax-deductible cash donations help defray the many costs of the day-to-day operations including utility, food, and health care expenses. Any amount goes a long way! Include a note with your donation requesting that your name be added to our mailing list to receive our newsletters, which provide more information on new and current residents and what's happening at Blue Bell! Thank you!

Who We Are

The Blue Bell Foundation is a retirement haven for felines, currently home to approximately 50 cats. Set on 2 acres, we are a fully-licensed NON-PROFIT facility, which is a cozy cottage complete with an outdoor-enclosed patio. There is a separate building for special-needs kitties.

Some kitties are placed here because their human companions have died, or for various reasons, can no longer keep them. Other kitties have been rescued as strays and sponsored. Many live the remainder of their lives here, but some are available for adoption.

Blue Bell provides an alternative solution to a traditional shelter, where they may not be able to be readopted out. This is a home-like atmosphere where we provide a cage-free environment with cozy baskets for sleeping and high shelves for climbing, a high-quality diet, loving volunteers who visit, and veterinary care for prevention and treatment of medical needs. An added advantage is that former guardians can visit their kitties at their new sanctuary.

In 1998, tragedy struck when a mudslide went through the canyon and nearly destroyed Blue Bell. Miraculously, no cats died, however, they were muddied and had to be evacuated immediately. We were displaced from the cottage for four years, being temporarily housed in a property owned and generously provided for by the City of Laguna Beach. We returned to the newly constructed Blue Bell in 2002!


WHO FOUNDED THE BLUE BELL FOUNDATION? Bertha Yergat opened her home as a temporary boarding facility in the 1960's and began taking in cats of friends who could no longer care for them. To ensure their continued care upon her death, Bertha established a Board of Directors and in 1989, the Blue Bell Foundation was established. "Blue Bell" is named after one of Bertha's beloved cats.

HOW IS THE ORGANIZATION FUNDED? Blue Bell survives on the generosity of concerned caring citizens. After the mudslide essentially demolished what was once her home and necessitated rebuilding the property, the small fund that Bertha set up was almost drained. New residents must have a sponsor who donates to support the continued care of their cat. (See "PLACEMENT" below. )

WHAT ABOUT KITTENS?: We do not take in kittens as their immune systems are not fully developed and in a cage-free environment, they would be at risk for possible infections that an older cat would just fend off. For this reason, we do not offer any for adoption either.

DO YOU TAKE IN STRAY CATS? Since we are not a "traditional" funded shelter, we simply cannot take in every cat off the street, whether it is being relinquished from an owner, or found on the street. These situations need to be handled through your local animal shelter.

PLACEMENT: To place a cat at Blue Bell, a one-time, in-full, non-refundable fee of a minimum $6,500-- (which is tax deductible) is required. It is based on a CONSERVATIVE estimate of the cost one would pay for food, medical, etc. over the lifetime of their cat.

There is also a placement process. We suggest potential placers visit first. All placed cats must have a recent veterinary check-up with bloodwork done before being admitted. Though we do our best to accomodate applicants, placement approval depends on a variety of factors and is not guaranteed.

Since our main purpose is to provide permanent residency (or find homes FOR PLACED CATS) we do not offer temporary boarding services.

Adopting a friend

Realizing that the decision to adopt a cat is a lifetime commitment, we ask the following:

1. Make an appointment to visit and become acquainted with (and perhaps get chosen by!) an adoptable cat. You are asked to fill out an application form. We then ask that you go home and think about your decision.

2. When your application is approved, you pay an adoption fee which includes a professional veterinary check-up, required spaying or neutering, and vaccinations. (Also, Blue Bell cats already have been microchipped as living here).

3. You will be asked to sign a contract stating that if for any reason you are unable to care for your cat, you will return him or her to Blue Bell. You will then be ready to take home your new friend!

Come Visit Us!

VISITING: Visting is by appointment only. Children must be a minimum of 12 years old.

VOLUNTEERING: For those of you who love to be around cats, we offer a Volunteer Program whereby your affection, time, talents, or treasures can be put to good use. Volunteers come in regularly to groom, play with, socialize once-feral kitties, and basically just love the cats. Hours are set up in advance. Must be a minimum of 18 years old. Our volunteer program does not accept applicants seeking to fulfill court assigned community service obligations.

The Blue Bell Foundation for Cats
20982 Laguna Canyon Rd
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Phone: (949)494-1586

To contact us and see pictures of our facility and current residents, visit our

Before emailing, please read above and our website. Many of your questions can be answered.. ALSO INCLUDE "BLUE BELL" IN YOUR SUBJECT LINE OR IT WILL NOT BE READ.

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