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Our adoption process is both simple and straightforward, and our goal is to ensure you and your new pet are a good match for one another.

In order to help us find your perfect pet, please come prepared to:

  • Spend adequate time getting to know the animal
  • Be certain pets are allowed in your home or apartment
  • Be a responsible pet owner
  • Bring your existing dog(s) if you are adopting another one
  • Bring any and all family members or other members of your household with you, in order to finalize an adoption
  • Be willing to give your new pet a permanent home
  • Show your Driver's License or California ID card
  • Complete an Adoption Application. 
  • Be able to pay our adoption fees. Our fees can only be paid by credit card or cash. We do not accept checks.
  • Allow enough time to complete the Adoption Process. The paperwork itself takes about 15 minutes, but the adoption process could last up to 1-2 hours depending on the animal you wish to take home.

Every Adoption Includes:

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Initial Vaccines
  • Microchip & Registration
  • Roundworm Treatment
  • Vet Exam post adoption at our clinic
  • Temporary Leash and Collar or Cardboard Cat Carrier
  • Pre-Adoption Vet Exam/Bloodwork for Club Second Chance Cats & Dogs
  • Discounted Dog Training Classes
  • Free Dog Care or Cat Care Enrichment Workshop

    Adoption Holds: A 24-hour hold can be placed on adoptable animals to allow for pet-to-pet introductions, and/or to allow other household members to meet the pet. A hold can only be placed after a member of the household has visited with the animal in person. We can not take holds over phone or email. If the hold results in an adoption, the $25.00 hold fee is applied to the adoption fee. Otherwise, the hold fee is non-refundable and treated as a donation.



Who We Are

The East Bay SPCA is a nonprofit organization committed to the welfare of cats and dogs in the communities we serve. We strive to eliminate animal cruelty, neglect and overpopulation by providing programs and education that support people and companion animals.

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4651 Gleason Drive, Dublin, CA  94568
ph: 925.479.9670
fax: 925.479.9680



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