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One of themost misunderstood dogs on this doggie planet is the Greyhound. Most people believe that because this is a running dog...that is how it is used in this country, in pari-mutual racing, that this is a breed that needs an unusual amount of expercise and space. That is not at all correct. They, like the Whippet, are sprinters..short distance runners. They are less acative than Laboradors, Shepherds or Border Collies. They don't come close to Weimereiners , Pointers or Dalmations in exercise requirements. They are really a dog that does very well with moderate yard exercise, or regular leash walking, and you know that is good for BOTH of you. They can live well in apartments, condos, and motor homes. Because they generally are not a nervous or noisy breed, and do not have doggie odor, they are usually welcome everywhere. They LOVE their people and really do not want to be left alone all day in the back yard. They are not "guard dogs", they are pets. They are house and companion animals, and take up surprisingly small spaces with their habit of curling up like cats. Track dogs have some fencing requirements, and often are not appropriate with cats, but often as well, they can be obedience trained off leash and actually can learn to live with kitties. Reconsider this wonderful breed. We are here to talk you through it, and will let you know if an individual dog is appropriate for you or not.p>

Who We Are

All Breed Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing dogs of all breeds and finding good homes for them. We have a special interest in sighthounds - our Whippet Rescue is affiliated with the Southern California Whippet Association (SCWA), and Hreat Westyern Whippet Association. We also rescue Greyhounds and other sighthounds from local and distant shelters. We work clsoely with most reputable sight and scent hound groups.

Currently 80% of our rescue dogs are dogs that came from shelters and were already on their last day. Shelters and volunteers call us with dogs that would make wonderful pets if they had more time. The rest of our dogs come from owner turn ins. Currently we are receiving phone calls to take in dogs at a ratio of about 14 to one asking about a dog. We are truly a dog rescue. This is the beginning of "moving season" - a time of year when moving is a good reason to toss away a dog or pet cat. It is the most difficult time of year to answer the phone.

Why We "Do" Rescue

I am often asked why I "do" rescue. This letter says it all:

Dear M,

Rescue dog is doing beautifully. He is the most sensitive, intelligent, affectionate and well-mannered dog we have ever had. He got along fabulously with our grandchildren, managed just fine in a two-room apartment, loved the ride home, and appears to have adjusted very well to our house, yard, and long walks every morning. He was very subdued and submissive the first few days, but has become as bouncy and playful as a puppy.

It took him about two minutes to figure out the softest furniture in the house, make peace with the cat (she lives out in front) and endear himself to us in every way possible.

Please let his previous owner know that we think he is just great, and that he has found a home for the rest of his life. She did a great job raising and training him. Thank you for allowing us to have him.


Now you know!

Adopting a Friend

All adoptees are neutered and current on their vaccinations. No other health guarantee is given or implied. We do not always know the background of the pet you are adopting. If the dog is already housebroken or crate trained, consider yourself lucky. If not, it is your responsibility to train this dog yourself.

These animals are living pets, and much like children they need attention, love, and discipline. If you are not willing to do this, please do not adopt a living pet. A stuffed animal for your bed or a ceramic animal for your shelf is more appropriate.

Giving Back

We Need YOU!...
Do you live in the Inland Empire and need something to do? Want to play with puppies, walk dogs, learn canine obedience for free? We need dog walkers, brushers and petters - please call us and ask to speak to Mary at (909) 795-4867.

Blankets & Towels Needed...
Now that it is winter, we have an increased need for towels and blankets to be used as dog bedding. If it is not yet winter, we will soon be stocking up. We are in the snow and weather zone. We cannot accept pillows or puffy comforters, as the dogs love to play with them, and the pieces often end up clogging the drain lines. Rubber or plastic dog toys that can be hosed off and kept clean are ALWAYS a joy for these bored dogs, especially the large breeds. To donate or make arrangements, please call (909) 795-4867 and ask for Patricia. In the summer and spring, we always need cleaning supplies and lots of bleach, buying one for yourself? Drop one off for us. Thank you .

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