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Serving Orange, San Diego & Imperial Counties.





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All meeting of cats or dogs are by appointment only until we resume in a pet store. Please email the foster of the animal you are interested in meeting.

For the last 10+ years we have been doing adoption events every two weeks at Pets Plus in Mission Viejo at 25502 Marguerite Parkway. About a month ago the City of Mission Viejo decided in reinterpret the City Municipal Code section 10.01.110 which applies to selling animals to cover all Non Profit Animal Rescue Adoption Events. Event though the code states, "Nothing herein shall be construed to prohibit animal adoption activities..."

What this means to us is first Pets Plus has to get a permit and then we must abide by the rules set by Mission Viejo Animal Services, which as currently described we cannot. They are saying that only 5 cats can be at an event and secondly that each cat must have a wellness checkup within 1 week of the event and have it documented in writing. This means that we would have to take every cat we want to bring to the vet and pay for a Wellness exam EVERY TWO WEEKS. Second, as anyone that attends our event knows, we usually have around 20 to 30 healthy cats or kittens for people to choose from. Having an event of only 5 cats is not worth the expense of transporting the cats to the events.
While some of our rescued cats are fostered in the immediate area, many are transport from Imperial Valley, a 3.5 hour drive, or above Los Angeles, a 1.5 hr drive. We do not have the funds to pay for the fuel for our vehicles to bring only 5 cats.

Unless these guidelines change we will not being doing adoption events in Mission Viejo but at another pet store in a near-by city.
If you live in the City of Mission Viejo and do not agree with their proposed guidelines for adoption events please contact your Animal Services Department and discuss it with them.

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All cats are seen by a vet, spayed/neutered, tested for FeLV/FIV
microchipped, current on shots, dewormed and flea free.

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We are volunteers with Southern Counties Rescue, a 100% volunteer non-profit rescue group with no paid staff.
We foster the cats in our homes with our family and our own pets so we get to know their personalities.
We rescue cats from Los Angeles & Orange County Shelters when they are out of time, from backyards where they are born sometimes with feral moms and from the streets where they been abandoned.

As well as the cats we have rescued, we are currently posting cats who are still in the animal shelter and have not been rescued by us, and cats needing rehoming by private parties. If the information in the Pet Notes gives phone and address information for the animal shelter PLEASE go to the shelter quickly to adopt.
In Southern California shelters are often full, including moms with babies, they have only 3-5 days to be adopted before they are euthanized when the shelter is overcrowded. Please, never abandon a pet to a City or County Animal Shelter.


We need your donations, we need Volunteer to do many things and we need loving Foster homes for the cats.

Without your donations we couldn't rescue these cats. Once a cat gets out of the shelter we have it examined at the vet and then it goes to a foster home where it lives with the family, not in a cage, until adopted. Last year we were able to rescue and place over 100 cats & kittens in LA, Orange, San Diego & Imperial County area. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so donations are tax deductible. Please use link above or mail a check to: PO Box 1399, Brawley, CA 92227.


Without fosters we can't save lives, we do not have a Shelter so only if we have people willing to share their home with a cat family, orphaned kittens or a cat in need can we save them. Fostering is fun and rewarding. It is a way to expose your family to caring for a group of kittens WITHOUT having to keep them all. Everyone that fosters say they get more back than they give in love and laughs.

If you want to know more about fostering in order to save the life of a shelter cat or kitten e-mail Foster Coordinator

If you can't foster but want to help by paying the bail-out fees, e-mail Southern Counties Rescue, Save-A-Shelter-Cat or go to donation link listed above.

There is a third way you can help and that is to Volunteer doing services that help us promote adoptions and raise funds for vet bills. It can mean taking Adoption Event Posters to vets, or making cat toys to sell on the Internet. There are a 1000s ways you can help! Please email our Volunteer Coordinator to learn move about volunteering with us or please click VOLUNTEER FORM to complete a form.
Thank you.

It takes a community to rescue animals, please be part of that community by donating money or time. Thank you.


You can complete the Adoption Application by clicking the Application link above or by clicking the e-mail link for the foster home in each pet's "Pet Notes." Don't hesitate to ask the foster lots of questions about the personalities of their foster kitties. That is one of the advantages of fostering cats in a home environment rather than cages, they behave like cats!
Our adoption fee is a minimum donation of $135-$175 for kittens and cats. This does not cover our costs but it does include a vet exam, spay/neuter, vaccines, testing for FeLV/FIV, microchip ID, deworming, and flea treatment (if necessary).
We also discount the second kitty when you adopt a pair (if you really need us too.).
Adoption fees may vary for pets in courtesy listings posted on the website for individual rescuers and shelters.

Don't Wait! Click Here to Meet Our Foster Kitties! Find that Special Kitty that Needs You.


SPONSOR, SPONSOR, SPONSOR! Sponsor a homeless pet at Southern Counties Rescue.
For $25 or more, you can make life pretty grand for a kitty. You can sponsor as a gift too. If it's a gift we will send your gift-recipient an email letting them know a homeless pet has been sponsored in their honor. They will be sent photos and the story about the animal you chose for them. You can sponsor as many as you like, for others and for yourself! Each pet you choose will benefit from the extra loving care they will receive as your Sponsored Pet and these good feelings will be shared with your gift-recipient.

"Here are a few homeless pets who would love to share their Story with you..."

CALVIN! A big, orange Maine Coon mix with a delightful half tail. He’s a love bug, wants to keep you company but Calvin has one problem, he suffers from separation anxiety and when left alone by his person he does inappropriate things. He’s a good choice to share your love of animals! So please read more about him and sponsor CALVIN
SPOT Spot is one of those cats that never got quite sociable enough for someone to want to adopt. He might have been happy outdoors but he was living in an area where coyotes were dominant and it wasn't safe for a cat to be outside. So please read more about him and sponsor SPOT!
KITTENSTIX Kittenstix, also know as Dimples is now 13 years old. She hasn't spent all of these years with us, no she had her own home for awhile. Dimples was rescued from a high kill shelter with her kittens 11 years ago. That same year she was adopted into her "forever" home. Unfortunately it wasn't forever due to circumstances beyond the adopters control, so Dimples, now known as Kittenstix came back to us. She wants to be an only kitten so it stresses her to be among so many. Please read more about her and sponsor KITTENSTIX!

There are many more animals in our foster homes who need sponsors. These are cats with behavioral or health issues making them unadoptable except to a very "special" home. By supporting one, you’ll make your gift-recipient's Day special in addition to making it better for these "Special" pets that are having a hard time finding a permanent home. This kind of Caring will brighten the life of this kitty and make it easier on our small rescue to continue rescuing other animals and finding them homes.

Thank you for supporting the animals of Southern Counties Rescue until the find their forever home.


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