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New Leash On Life Animal Rescue Foundation (NLOL) is a non-profit animal rescue organization that promotes public education on the care, behavior and placement of animals in danger. Animal are put to death in animal shelters countywide, NLOL hopes to substantially reduce the number of animals put to death by increasing the number of responsible persons who spay and neuter their pets; by increasing the number of animals adopted to permanent homes and by reducing the number of neglected and abandoned animals on the streets.

We've recently developed our Lend a Paw program, rescuing dogs from the shelter and training them as assistance and therapy dogs for people and children in need. In addition to our Lend a Paw training program, we have now implemented a training program for all of our rescues. Each dog rescued from the shelter will go through an obedience training course prior to being placed for adoption. Some special dogs may be chosen for Lend a Paw, while others will be adopted to loving families. By training each dog, the adoptive family has a better chance of developing a better bond and a permanent relationship.

Adopting a friend

One of our main objectives at New Leash On Life is to place the right animal with the right owner. Too often we find that people make rash decisions about getting a pet. Either they aren't ready to make a lifetime commitment to that pet or they get an animal that doesn't fit their lifestyle or, in their minds, isn't "perfect." This is why each dog NLOL rescues from the shelter is obedience trained prior to adoption. To find out more about our dogs and the training process, click here.

Our animals remain New Leash On Life animals for their lifetime. If the animal is not compatible, for whatever reason, with its new owner or home, the animal must be returned to New Leash On Life. However, it is our goal to facilitate permanent placement so work we hard to find the right home as well as offer support to the new owners to help with the transition process or any issues that may come up at a later time.

Anyone wishing to adopt one of our animals must go through the following procedures:
  • Fill out our adoption application.
  • Have an interview with a New Leash On Life representative.
  • Have a Home Check to insure the home is safe for the animal.
  • Sign an Adoption Contract. (Part of that contract stipulates that you must do obedience training with your new companion in order to develop the best relationship possible and avoid behavioral problems.)
  • Make a tax deductible donation. (We ask for $500 for a completely obedience trained dog. If a dog has NOT been trained, the donation amount is $250.)

    Our dogs are up to date on all vaccinations and have been spayed or neutered.

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    New Leash On Life
    16742 Placerita Cyn Rd
    Newhall, CA 91321
    Phone: 661-255-0097 or 818-710-9898

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