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You might never have imagined yourself fostering a Jack Russell Terrier, but it is one of the most rewarding ways to make a difference in “a little white” dog's life.

Everyone benefits from fostering. When a foster dog leaves the shelter, the shelter can make space for a new dog that needs to be taken in. The foster dog gets a break from shelter life and a second chance. Most Jack Russell Terriers do not do well in a shelter environment where their true personalities are overshadowed by the stress, fear and anxiety of being abandoned, locked in a cage and surrounded by other frightened and agitated dogs. When potential adopters visit, they see a depressed, shy or frightened animal that barks or backs into a corner when they would otherwise be happy and social in a non-shelter environment. Most dogs that sit in shelters are past the "cute" puppy stage, but given time and maybe some basic training, these overlooked dogs that might otherwise be euthanized for lack of space can become wonderful companions and find permanent, loving homes. And finally, the new owners get a dog that is better adapted to home life, with a better chance of staying in its "forever" home.

RRCA - RUSSELL RESCUE CA would not exist if it were not for our foster homes and dedicated volunteers. Fostering can be a very rewarding experience for everyone involved, but it does require patience and work. We try to find the best foster home for our dogs, as well as find the right dog for you and your lifestyle. We provide reimbursement for all vaccinations, veterinary examinations and treatment and medications. Fosters only need to provide a safe loving home.

The role of a foster home is really just the same as with your own dog such as feeding, grooming and exercise. A foster may have to work on house training, walking on leash, sit, down through the use of positive behavior modification or correct problems such as jumping, mouthing, barking etc. Fosters are also asked to help with socialization and medical care like dispensing medication, taking the dog to vet appointments and of course plenty of playtime and
snuggling. Just picture the type of dog YOU would want to adopt...a foster helps their rescued dog get to that point! But not all foster dogs require that degree of help, some are perfectly adoptable right from the get-go and just need a safe and loving home until their new owners find them.


You can fill out an foster application here or please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns and a member of our team will get back to you! Because we are all volunteers who have full-time jobs as well as families, we ask for your understanding and patience throughout our approval process.

Adopting A Friend

Is the Jack Russell Terrier the right dog for you?

To appreciate and understand the modern Jack Russell Terrier temperament, it is essential to bear in mind that he was originally bred to be fearless, alert, tireless, and aggressive in the chase.  The dog that has evolved into today's house pet still retains these traits, which when properly channeled, make him an extremely loyal, protective, and lively companion.

The JRT is his own "person" -a true and independent spirit capable of living life to the fullest, with joy, exuberance, and a zest few canines can match.  When he and his human master function as a team, the bond between them is a privilege.  But like all good things, it takes time, patience, and a  lot of love to get there.  Once you do, you won't find a better life companion than your Jack!

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RRCA - Russell Rescue CA

is a team of volunteers dedicated to helping unwanted, displaced or abandoned Jack Russell Terriers find permanent homes.



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