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THE SWEETEST DOG IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE! Timmy was dumped in the director's neighborhood and brought to her by a young neighbor. He brings out the best in everybody, dogs and humans alike. At around 1 year of age and around 15 pounds of love and joy, you couldn't find a nicer dog. Cutest trait? He gets even the shyest dogs to play with him and changes his play style to suit them.

Who We Are

We are an animal rights group whose primary purpose is to reduce animal suffering and death by rescuing animals from high kill shelters. Although we do some random street rescue when we come across a stray in traffic, we are rarely able to take in owner relinquished animals. However, we do offer courtesy listings online for the public for a nominal fee of $50.00 and will screen the applications for you. Alternatively, we charge a $50.00 deposit which we return in full when we adopt out your animal through us. With the latter option, we keep the adoption fee.

AnimalSavers originated in the Bay Area with a strong CAL BERKELEY consciousness. We target the Bay Area for homes because Sacramento, where most of the animals are fostered, has an unspeakable 90% kill rate at their shelters, killing an estimated 50 animals daily. Secondly, by local ordinance the county shelters sells up to 7% for medical research and experimentation to U.C. Davis and Sutter Medical Center, and has been the target of national protest by PETA, among other animal welfare organizations for many years.

We are often asked why our adoption fees are so high and what they go to. Our prices for many of our cats are actually half what they were eight years ago. But our fees for most dogs has increased substantially. Although we are an all volunteer organization, the cost of caring for our sanctuaried animals for their lifetimes is raised exclusively from our adoption fees. We are strictly no kill and take forever care of animals that the public finds "unadoptable," These include feral cats, senior pets, animals with behavior problems and special needs animals who are blind, deaf, or suffer other maladies such as diabetes or ongoing severe heart problems. In other words, the most adoptable of our pets fund the least. Our actual cost for each animal with us averages out to around $2,500.00 - $3,500.00 per animal. That is the true cost of being a genuine no-kill organization. But we think the animals are worth worth every cent.

picture of shelter dog Additionally, the Sacramento County shelter was sued by In Defense of Animals, the Animal Protection Institute and AVAR for illegally killing healthy animals before placing them up for adoption to the public or recovery by their families, in clear violation of California law. (Click here to read more.) As if this wasn't dismal enough, the average lifespan for a dog or cat in Sacramento county is reportedly a mere 1 1/2 years, due to improper fencing, failure to immunize, low spay/neuter rates, lack of microchipping and i.d. tagging pets, and general indifference to their health care. In contrast, two cities in the Bay Area, Oakland and San Francisco, were ranked in the top 5 throughout the nation for pet care and life expectancy.

While trying to upgrade the quality of life for pets in Sacramento, we are working diligently to to find homes outside of this humanely reprehensible community.


Roxie Zee-Zee and Karl Our animals may be seen by appointment only after a successful application is completed. If you find someone you like from our available pet list, be sure to email us for our application. We will then contact you to arrange a meeting with our animal friends.

Our animals are fostered primarily in Sacramento. These animals may be viewed at their foster homes. Transportation of our pets from Sacramento to the Bay is available for an additional $50.00 fee.

Our application can now be downloaded by clicking here Copy and paste it into your word processing program, fill in your responses, and save your completed application. You can then email it back to us at

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Happy Adopters to You!

Kate in Davis wrote, "Hi Diane, I just wanted to send you a quick photo update to let you know what a happy girl Dilly is. We can't imagine our lives without her, and it feels like she has always been a part of our family. Thank you so much for bringing us this sweet, sweet doggie ~ Kate.:

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