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Lucky Paws is a non-profit corporation, dedicated to serving the community and animals, for the betterment of all lives. The mission of Lucky Paws is to helpreduce the numbers of unwanted pets. Through education and community outreach, we will work to help people keep their pets and promote the importance of spaying and neutering. By taking unwanted animals nearing euthanization, we will rehabilitate and better the lives of animals, and place them into loving, well-matched homes. We will strive to be well known in our community as a corporation of integrity and one that makes a positive difference in the lives of others. We believe in the possibility that through education, awareness and inspiration, we will one day have more loving homes than homeless pets.

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Lucky Paws Adoption Application and Contract Springfield, OR – 541-214-5313 ___________________________________________________ Thank you for filling out this questionnaire. Your answers will help us match Your needs with the dogs in our program. Please complete this form and email it Back, or bring a copy of it with you to an Adoption Day. Name:___________________________________________________________ Date:____________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________ City:___________________________________State:_____________________ Zip:__________________ Phone Day:________________________Night:__________________________ Cell:_____________________________________________________________ E-mail:___________________________________________________________ Which dog are you interested in?______________________________________ If the dog is no longer available, what type of dog would you prefer? Male or Female Age: puppy (under 1 yr.), young adult (1-3 yrs.), adult (3-6 yrs.), senior (7+ yrs.) Any color preference? ______________________________________________ Coat: short, long, no preference High energy/low energy? Small/medium/large Are you ready to adopt a dog right now, or are you looking for one for later? Part A: Your family and home: Has everyone in the family discussed and agreed on getting a new dog? Yes/No Who will be primarily responsible for the dog’s care? ________________________________________________________________ Please describe your family – all members in home and ages of children, if any. ________________________________________________________________ Are you looking for a dog to live indoor/outdoor/both. If outside during the day, how long will the dog be left alone?_______________ Where will the dog sleep at night?_____________________________________ Do you have shelter or a garage if it rains or a doggie door where it can go inside or outside?_______________________________________________________ How long will your dog be alone during the typical weekday?_______________ ________________________________________________________________ Do you currently have a veterinarian? Yes/No If yes, please provide their name and address. ________________________________________________________________ If you have children in your family now, or many children visiting, have they been taught how to treat a dog with respect?________________ Will you prevent children from placing their faces/heads close up to the dog’s eye level, which is considered confrontational?_______________ Do you currently have other animals? Yes/No Are they Inside or Outside? Are they spayed and/or neutered Yes/No? If not altered, please explain why not___________________________________ If you have other pets, please list all other animals in the household: _________________________________________________________________ If you no longer have your pets, what happened to them? _________________________________________________________________ Have you ever adopted or purchased a pet and re-homed or returned it to a shelter or rescue? _________________________________________________________________ If yes, what were the reasons? _________________________________________________________________ Current residence is: house/condo/townhouse/apartment/farm/ranch Do you own or rent your home? Own/Rent If you rent, do you have your landlord’s permission to own a dog? Yes/No Please provide landlord’s name and phone #______________________________ ***Please provide documentation stating the pet policy for rentals and/or written landlord approval stating any exclusions, if any. Please describe fencing in the yard or exercise area where your dog will be outside: Fenced yard Partially fenced yard Fenced yard area for the dog No fence – “Invisible” fence Enclosed dog kennel/run/yard Other______________________________________________________________ Is your yard secure for your dog? Yes/No Fence height?________________________________________________________ How are fence gates secured?___________________________________________ Please be sure the dog will not be able to dig under the fence or gates? Do you have any known hazards, such as poisonous plants, outside electrical wire, or an unfenced pool with no way for the dog to climb out? Are there any structures that would allow your dog to climb out of the exercise yard? Yes/No Please explain _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ What will you do with the dog when you go on vacation, and do you have a plan of action in case of an emergency? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Our goal is to place our dogs into a loving, permanent home. Please help us match a dog to your family by answering the following questions. NOTE: Lucky Paws will not adopt dogs out to households wanting outdoor – only Guard dogs. We adopt to families wanting a loving family pet and understand That dogs can also be for protection. Part B: What you are looking for: Please tell us about your personal experience with dogs: Never had a dog Never had a dog as an adult, but grew up with them Have spent a lot of time with dogs owned by others Have some experience with dogs Have a lot of experience with dogs Please list dog size/breeds __________________________________________________________________ What roles do you want the dog to play in your and your family’s life? Check all that apply: Household pet Companion for adult(s) Companion for children Companion for other dogs Companion for pets other than dogs Hiking/Jogging partner Protection/Guard dog Other (please explain)_________________________________________________ Please tell us about your experience with dogs. ___________________________________________________________________ What kinds of activities do you want to participate in with your dog? Check all that apply: Neighborhood walks, backyard games Visits to dog parks (off leash with other dogs) Hiking, jogging, or running Day trips (e.g. to the beach) Horseback riding Structured obedience, canine good citizen Recreational dog sports (obedience, rally agility, herding, tracking, Schutzhund) Volunteer working activities (search and rescue, therapy) Other (please explain) __________________________________________________________________ All dogs require exercise to stay balanced and well behaved. What are your plans For exercise or training? If your dog becomes destructive from being alone? __________________________________________________________________ What circumstances would make it necessary for you to give up your dog? __________________________________________________________________ If due to behavioral issues, are you willing to seek out the necessary help to solve the problem? Yes/No Due to our economy, what would you do with our pet if your family has children, pregnancies occur, divorce, loss of job(s) home(s), and expense becomes a factor? Would this be a reason to give up your pet? Do you have any additional comments to help us find the right dog for you? __________________________________________________________________ The information you provide will help us find the best suited pet for your family. Lucky Paws does not adopt out dogs to be strictly outdoor or guard dogs. ***Please hold onto contract until the adoption is finalized. Be sure to read over Lucky Paws’ terms. We do refund your adoption fee within 7 days, but ask for a $50 non-refundable fee. We want you to be certain you’re ready to adopt. These are live animals and not merchandise, and not only do we lose other potential adopters, but costs are often incurred for boarding and other fees when animals return.
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