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VPAS Featured Pet: Bonnie

Bonnie is a very sweet, very affectionate cat who will make a great companion for whomever adopts her. Bonnie is quite the extrovert and a real cuddle bug. She enjoys hanging out with her people and follows them around wherever they go. She likes to be brushed, she likes to play on her scratch post, and she likes to sit on the couch and watch TV.
Bonnie is listed as a special-needs cat because she has a condition called Megacolon; a condition where the motility in the colon is low, making the pet prone to constipation. Bonnie was predisposed to this condition at birth by being born as Manx/Cyrmic breed cat. Although Megacolon is a condition that will affect Bonnie for the rest of her life, she is being managed well with a diet specifically designed for Megacolon and a daily medication that is sprinkled into her food. As long as Bonnie's new family is dedicated to keeping her on her special diet and making sure she gets her daily medication Bonnie should do very well. Although Bonnie is a long-haired cat, we have been keeping her shaved to prevent hairballs. She seems to really like her haircut :)
Bonnie is currently waiting for either an adoptive home or a foster home. If you are interested in adopting Bonnie but would like to try fostering her for a period of time to make sure her needs fit with your lifestyle, please ask us about our Foster-to-Adopt program.

Think Recycle

Did you or someone you know receive a new cell phone, lap top, iPad, mp3 player, or handheld electronic for Christmas this year? Don't throw your old ones away, instead Think Recycle!
VPAS is now an official partner of Think Recycle. Simply drop off your old electronics with us rather than throwing them away and Think Recycle will not only keep them out of the landfill, but they'll donate to VPAS for every item recycled!
We'll take your old cell phones, laptops, iPods, digital cameras, toner cartridges & inkjet cartridges. VPAS will receive a donation for each of these items we send to Think Recycle, and they re-purpose them and keep them out of the landfill! A win for VPAS and the environment!

What is Victoria Pet Adoption Society?

Victoria Pet Adoption Society (VPAS) is a volunteer-run, registered non-profit organization that operates through Shaw Pet Hospitals in Victoria, BC, Canada. VPAS' goal is to re-home unwanted pets to good, approved homes. VPAS provides medical care for all of their adoptees, ensuring that their vaccinations are up to date, and that all adoptees are spayed/neutered and tattooed.

The Victoria Pet Adoption Society is funded solely by adoption fees, fundraising events, and donations from the public. The cost of keeping the animals is considerable, and we rely on these donations to continue to care for the animals while they are staying with us, waiting for their new homes.

Tru-Value in Cordova Bay has kindly added us to their donation list, which means that 1% of your purchases will be donated to the Victoria Pet Adoption Society upon your request. So please be sure to ask that your donation be made to the animals in need at the Victoria Pet Adoption Society. Thank you Tru-Value for your continued support!

Adopting A Friend

Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment and a big responsibility. Dogs can live 15 years or more, and cats can live 20+ years. Like people, each individual pet comes with its own set of baggage, needs, and personality traits. Because your new pet will depend on you to provide its basic needs, we need to be sure that you are educated and up to the challenge. Our adoption process allows us to ask you some questions about your home environment, your lifestyle, and your needs, expectations, and limitations. We want to be sure that your new pet is going to be just as happy in its new home as you are to have it there.

A Successful Adoption Process Includes the Following Steps:

You will have the opportunity to visit with the pet of interest, supervised by an adoption volunteer who can answer some of the questions you may have about the pet or the adoption process. You will not be able to take the pet home the same day.

If after visiting with the pet you would like to start the adoption process we will ask you to fill out an adoption application. The application is not available on the website; an application will be provided to you only after having a successful meeting with the pet. (Please note that in situations where an interested adopter lives out of the area an adoption application may be provided before visiting with the pet, however an adoption will never be completed before you have had a successful visit with the pet.)

One of our volunteers will contact you within 72 hours and we will open a dialogue with you based on the information provided in your application. We will talk about your home and family, as well as your experience with pets. We will ask you to tell us about the kind of life and care you can offer to the adopted pet, and we will inform you about any health or behavioural issues that you should be aware of.

(For dogs only) Once an adoption is pending, we will come visit your home to ensure that the environment is suitable for the pet in question, based on its needs. We can advise you of modifications that could make the adoption more successful, such as fencing and other things you may not have thought about.

The adoption process generally takes several days, and this time line is intentional. It allows you time to think about your decision so that you can be sure that you are comfortable with the decision that you’ve made. Adoptions are never approved within 48 hours of the application being submitted.

Once we have successfully journeyed through the steps above, you can pick up your new friend to begin a wonderful life together!

Signing an adoption contract is a requirement for every pet that is adopted.

Please Read Before Applying to Adopt:

You must be 19 years of age or older to apply for one of our pets.

Please note that we do not adopt animals sight unseen and we do not ship animals. We do consider adoptions out of area but applicants are required to come & visit with the animals of interest before an adoption is completed.

Adoption Fees:

The adoption fee for puppies and kittens includes: The first 3 distemper vaccines, the leukemia vaccine and its booster (for kittens) or the canine cough vaccine and its booster (for puppies), deworming, defleaing, a deposit towards the spay/neuter, a tattoo (done at the time of spay/neuter), a free veterinary exam within 7 days of adoption, a bag of the food that the animal is eating, six weeks of FREE pet insurance through Pet Secure Insurance, a 2-hour DVD full of information about adding a new pet to your family, and a health record.

The adoption fee for all other cats/dogs includes: The first distemper vaccine, the first leukemia vaccine (cats) or the first canine cough vaccine (dogs), deworming, defleaing, a bag of the food that the pet is eating, a free veterinary exam within 7 days of adoption, a 2-hour DVD full of information about adding a new pet to your family, and a health record. All adult animals are spayed or neutered prior to adoption and those that are fixed by VPAS will have a tattoo for identification. Adult cats/dogs between the age of 6 months and 4 years qualify for six weeks of free pet insurance through Pet Secure Insurance. All dogs & cats between 4 years and 13 years of age qualify for four weeks of free pet insurance through Trupanion Insurance.

The adoption fee for all other species includes: a free exam within 7 days of adoption, treatment for parasites, spay/neuter when appropriate, the first set of vaccines when appropriate, and a tattoo for identification when appropriate.

Adoption Fees are as Follows: (cash only please)

Kittens (6 months or younger) Male $150 Female $180
Young cats (7m-11m) $115
Adult Cats (1 yr - 8yrs) $90
Senior Cats (9 yrs and older) $75
Special Needs Cats (other than kittens) $75

Puppies (6 months or younger) Male $300 Female $350
Young dogs (7m-11m) $250
Adult Dogs (1 yr - 8yrs) $200
Senior Dogs (9 yrs and older) $100
Special Needs dogs (other than puppies) $100

Rabbits $20
Guinea Pigs $15
Rats/hamsters $10
Mice $5
Adoption fees for other species may vary

Please note that the information above, including adoption fees, vary slightly for cats and kittens adopted through PetSmart. When adopted from PetSmart the rabies vaccine is included in the adoption fee, but a fee bag of food is not. The rabies vaccine is included because it is a requirement as part of PetSmart's international adoption program.

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