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If you can't adopt you can still make a difference by promoting the animals in shelter for adoption. Please help spread the word by posting a link to our Petfinder page on your Facebook profile (and ask a few friends to do the same). Or tweet your friends and let them know there are wonderful loving animals waiting for loving families. They don't deserve a cage!! They deserve warm comfortable homes!!

The shelter currently has an OVERWHELMING number of cats waiting for adoption . . . please help today!
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Come and learn how you can improve the lives of the dogs while they are in the shelter and help them find their new forever home.

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Our Featured Dog


Murphy was surrendered to the shelter. His family decided they did not have enough time for him and gave him up. Murphy was kept in the backyard for most of his life and crated in the garage at night. He is a sweet tempered dog who was not mistreated though he was neglected and is now slightly reserved and gets easily over excited. Murphy gets stimulated quickly and we are helping him learn how to be around people but not be the center of attention. He is learning his manners and is doing great with his learning! He is on his way to being a perfect gentleman! However, we really think a breed experienced family with no children would be best for him. He needs a confident and understanding owner to help him remember what it is like to be a dog that is loved and part of the family. Murphy gets a long with other dogs and we actually use him to test the compatibility of new dogs to the shelter with a doggy-friend.
Unfortunately, Murphy was surrendered with a very bad knee and we are currently trying to raise money so he can have knee surgery. We plan to use our Tollie Fund to help him go into his new home without pain or discomfort. If you are interested in Murphy please don't hesitate to contact us!

Our Featured Cat


Naples is a gal who knows what life is all about! This confident kitty likes things on her own terms and likes to make up her own mind. She is very friendly and affectionate once she trusts you, it really doesn't take much! Naples has always lived on her own and we believe the other cats have a lot to do with her mood swings. Are you looking for the ultimate room-mate? Look no farther! Here she is!

Our Featured Small Animal


Miley was surrendered to the shelter along with 4 of her friends. She is a playful and social bunny looking for a home all to himself to call her own!
Please remember that when adopting a rabbit you are making a 10 year commitment to that pet. We recommend that all of our rabbits be kept indoors! They can pick up quickly on litter training just like a cat would and can be very interactive and social. Did you know that Rabbits need more room than most people realize? We don't recommend cages that are sold at pet stores as a main housing option as they tend to be tight and hard to clean, we recommend an x-pen type environment. 4ft X 4ft minimum which will keep them happy and sane! They also need an average of 3 to 4 hours of exercise a day, which can be very fun and interactive! Have you seen Rabbit Agility?
Rabbit adoptions are $50 and all rabbits are sterilized (spayed/neutered) and tattooed prior to adoption so they can be reunited with their families if they ever get lost!


We are always in need of kitten food as growing babies need a lot of nourishment! If you can help please contact the shelter by phone at (604) 940-7111