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"A face only a mother could love!"


" Shotzy"

This little girl came from a breeder when she was past breed age (about 8 years). She has become very accustomed to living in style in her foster home. She would like a home with a person who has plenty of time to devote to her. Shotzy stays close to her person and wants attention. She is dog door trained, eats dry food and prefers the people bed. Other little girl dogs are not her friends.

If interested in providing a home for Shotzy, please visit and complete and submit the application for adoption. You will be contacted by the foster for a meet and greet.

All dogs are shown by appointment only after the application has been submitted.

A home visit is required. There is an adoption fee..

The contact for this dog is Jan at






The Coalition of All Breed Rescueof Arizona (CABRA) is a statewide not-for-profit group of people dedicated to rescuing and finding good homes for purebred dogs. It is CABRA's hope that more unwanted purebreds will find loving, lifetime homes through the efforts and activities of its members.

Members assist animals of recognized breeds by removing them from shelters whenever possible, and from homes where they are no longer loved or wanted. They then work to place them in permanent adoptive homes. Many are fostered by CABRA members, while other are placed through direct referral.

CABRA requires that all rescue animals be neutered or spayed, health checked, and current on all shots prior to adoption.

CABRA screens its members carefully to assure quality for both the animal and the adopter. Members have agreed to abide by an established Code of Ethics. Questions regarding our Code of Ethics should be directed to CABRA's board of directors.


CABRA provides service to the community refering the public to member rescues. You can view our Member Rescues below to find a rescue person or organization for the breed you are interested in. If the breed you want isn't listed, call our hotline at 480-874-2511, as new rescues are forming every day.

CABRA is an Arizona not-for-profit corporation and is tax-exempt according to IRS tax code 501(c)3. Your gifts of cash and supplies (crates, grooming equipment, food, etc) are tax deductible. If you want your donation to be used to help a specific breed, please indicate this on your gift. Donations may be sent to CABRA at P.O. Box 7264 Phoenix, AZ 85011-7264. Thank you for your help.

CABRA provides low-cost microchip and vaccination clinics, see below for more information.


CABRA Microchip Clinics

Our next clinics are scheduled every other month for November 2, 2014, January 18 and March 15, 1915- Hours ~ 9:00am-2:00pm
LOCATION: University of Arizona Maricopa Co. Cooperative Extension, 4341 E. Broadway HOW TO GET THERE: I-10 to 40th St., South to Broadway and then east on Broadway to 43rd Pl. Building is on the south side of Broadway at 43rd Place.

Vaccinations: Rabies, Parvo /Distemper, Bordetella

The Coalition of All Breed Rescue of Arizona (CABRA), a nonprofit IRS 501(c)(3) dog rescue organization offers low cost microchip and vaccination clinics.

If you bring less than six dogs the HomeAgain microchip including registration is only $20 each. If you bring less than six dogs the vaccinations (parvo/distemper, rabies, or bordatella) are only $15 each if the dog/cat gets a microchip or has one. (Microchip and vaccination prices are more if you bring more than 5 pets to the clinic). These are great prices and reflect our low overhead. There is no separate vet examination fee. We use the HomeAgain microchips because we believe that the registration process is better than the competitors and even though it costs us more than other brands.

Microchips are increasingly being cited as the basis for getting lost pets back to their owners and at these prices you want your pet to have one. Microchips and shots given by a licensed vet and there is no "visit" charge. This clinic is open to the general public and you don't have to have an appointment or be a member of CABRA to participate. So come on out.

Microchips and distemper/parvo and rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be there before 1:00 if you are bringing multiple pets.

Don't wait till your pet gets lost to think about microchipping.


# of Animals
Microchip Only
Shots for Animals with Microchips
Shots for Animals Without Microchips

*per vaccination

VOLUNTEERS: All Vounteers are welcome and encouraged, even if you can only stay for an hour or so.

CABRA reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

How Do Microchips Work?
A microchip is a tiny transmitter that is inserted under your pet's skin." Insertion is done with a needle, similar to a vaccination, and does not involve anesthesia or significant pain for your pet." If your pet is lost and found, a shelter or vet will scan your pet." The microchip will return its registration number, so the shelter or vet can call the chip manufacturer and retrieve your information." Your pet is never without ID, even if he is lost without a collar." And, in the event that your pet is stolen or someone claims your pet as their own, you can prove that you are the pet's rightful owner." However we still reccommend that you keep an ID tag on your pet.

Why Vaccinate?" What Vaccinations Are Required?
Vaccinations provide protection for your pet from many potentially fatal diseases." Generally both cats and dogs need a rabies vaccination, and a comination vaccine (either 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 depending on the species)." Check with your veterinarian regarding a specific vaccination schedule for your pet, but we have included here the most common reccommendations for your reference.
In Maricopa County, rabies vaccinations are required for dogs and cats. The first vaccination should be given at three months of age. The first recorded vaccination (regardless of the pet's age) is good for one year, subsequent vaccinations last for three years." Dogs must be relicensed with the county annually, regardless of whether a vaccination is needed." Cats do not need to be licensed.
4-in-1 vaccinations protect dogs against distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and hepatitis." Puppies should be vaccinated at 2, 3, and 4 months of age, and then annually." Kittens should be vaccinated with 3-in-1 vaccine at 2, 3, and 4 months of age." Adult cats should also receive a 3-in-1 vaccination annually." This protects against feline panleukopenia (also called feline distemper), rhinotracheitis, and calcivirus.


Contact information is listed for each rescue, and is listed by breed. Some rescues serve the entire state, and some only a local area. Unless otherwise noted, the rescues are in the Phoenix area. If you are outside the listed area please call the rescue to determine if they work in your area. If the breed you are interested in is not listed, please call the hotline at 480-874-2511.

Each individual rescue sets its own policies and procedures, but typically adopting a dog will require an application process. Dogs will be spayed or neutered prior to placement, and an adoption fee is normally required. If you are looking to place a dog, each rescue has its own intake policy, and please be aware that there are many dogs that need homes and rescues have limited resources, so there may or may not be space for your dog in rescue.




New rescues are forming every day. If your breed of interest is not represented here, call CABRA at 480-874-2511 or visit our web site at


Come Visit Us!at

As we are a state-wideorganization, we do not have a central location.

The dogs arewith the individual or organization member rescues. Please contact them.

Coalition of All BreedRescue of Arizona (CABRA)

P.O. Box 7264
Phoenix AZ 85011-7264

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