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November 2, 2012 Rescue fund raiser, Chili Dinner and Silent Auction.  Dinner is only $15.00 for chili, homemade cornbread, salad.  Also available at no cost is water, beer and wine (must be over 21 years).

Our silent auction already has a large variety of items from dinner for two at Outback, handmade baby blankets, metal art, three hours of housecleaning, tapestry, dog grooming in your home  (just for a few examples)

Adopting A Friend

Remember this is a life time commitment.  Your companion animal will give his all to you and we want the same for him.  Your companion will need yearly health exams, dental exams, possible medication with age, healthy dog food (prefer no grain), toys, bed, walks, exercise to keep him healthy.  It is most important to know when he enters you home he does not know the rules, where to eat, where to potty, where to sleep, is it okay to get on the furniture, when is bedtime.  Give him time to learn the rules and support him with love and affection he will learn faster.  He won't know all your friends that come to meet him so tell them to give him space and let him approach them to smell first, tell them to not just reach out this may scare him since he does not know them as friends yet.  Give him time to BOND with you and know you are his human before bringing in friends.

Who We Are

We rescue and rehome toy breed dogs.  We have loving homes for needy dogs.

We are not government funded so all donations are appreciated and allow us to rescue more toy breed dogs.

Come Visit Us

Please call first since all the dogs are in private homes.  This is the reason we really know our dogs, they live in our homes with us and our dogs.

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