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Hello! Thanks for looking at all our wonderful dogs and cats for adoption! Adoptions are done every Thursday and Friday from 2:30pm-5:30 pm and every other Saturday from 10:00am-3:00pm at our Center located on 719 Tunnel Road, down from Maverick gas station. We are a 501c3 organizations and ran by an amazing group of volunteers! The best team! The City of Page facility is only a 'holding' facility for animals that are picked up by local animal control. By Arizona law, animals are held between 3 and 5 days. If you have lost your pet, call Animal control at 928-660-3955 or the Page Police Department 928-645-2463 We are located 3 miles from the Navajo Indian Reservation, the largest reservation in the country and we tend to receive a lot of what we refer to as "Rez" dogs. They are a wonderful blend of many different breeds of dogs. Cattle dogs, Border Collies, Lab's, Chow's, Rotty's, Pitbull's, Heeler's, Shepards and Aussie's, are all the main breeds but most "Rez" dogs have several breeds in them and are amazing dog's. We love "Rez" dogs! But because of the mix breeding, we can only guess on the breeds. We also receive other breeds and even full breeds from small, medium and large dogs! *We do not, however, take in owner relinquish animals, but we can help you with many ideas and information on placing your animal.

Please feel free to contact us about fostering, volunteering or donating and we are updating our events as they come up. We have had many successful adoptions in our home state of Arizona and all surrounding states and as far away as Oaklahoma! We will help as much as possible with transporting to our pets new homes!

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Page Animal Adoption Agency
P.O. Box 3907
Page AZ 86040
Phone: 928-640-1500


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