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"Helping Akitas... one dog at a time... since 2004."

AARTA - Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona

Welcome to AARTA's "News" Page - updated 11-7-14

Here you will find our:

--- Featured Adoptable Dog
--- Charitable Giving information - We're a 501(c)(3) non profit
--- Adoption fees & Process
--- Special News & Announcements
--- Wish List - things our Akita Orphans need

Give the Gift of Life!
Use our Safe and secure PayPal button on our main page www.AkitaAdvocates.org or go to www.PayPal.com and use our AARTA.AkitaAdvocates@gmail.com email to Send the Gift of Life to the Akita Orphans.

Happy Tails page - visit adopted dogs in their forever homes!

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AARTA's 2015 Calendar Countdown: Almost ready to print!
We're so excited! Just wait... you will be too!! Our 2015 Edition has more beautiful dogs, more beautiful photography, and all in beautiful resort garden settings.

Email AARTA to get yours for only $15 each (plus $1.50 to mail up to 3 within the U.S.) order in time for gift-giving! ***.

AARTA exists for our orphaned Akita friends and runs on donations alone. The adoptions fees we receive are a drop in the bucket compared to our monthly costs.

Please consider donating to help us care for our Akita orphans. Make a tax-deductible donation to help us cover vet and boarding bills, or sponsor a dog for a week, two weeks, or a month! We have very few foster homes -- one month's cost for boarding, food and medical care is over $200 for just ONE dog. Please help us Save More Lives.

Email us - You Can make a Difference.

*Foster homes and other Volunteer positions are available. Let us know how you want to help! We can always use assistance with transporting the dogs to and from adoption events, fundraising and more.*

AARTA's Goal is to end the Euthanasia of homeless pets, Akitas first, but not stopping there.

Friends Don't Let Friends Buy From BYBs!

If you know someone looking to get a puppy... of ANY BREED... Email AARTA - the odds are very good that we can find them a REFERRAL to a GOOD, ETHICAL, and RESPONSIBLE BREEDER.

Help education your family and friends, Direct them to Good, Ethical, Reputable & Responsible Breeders (see our Definition: "How Does AARTA Define a "Good, Ethical, Reputable & Responsible Breeder", further below) --- AND --- To Stay Away from Getting Animals from Pet Stores --- it's not Saving them, it's simply keeping Puppy Mills in business.

"Tails of Rescue" -- book finished & on Sale!
The special and gregarious gal Cita will be forever remembered in a new book on rescued dogs, titled Tails of Rescue by local Phoenix pet lover, photographer, artist, and writer, Susan Richey.
The book is on sale now on her website below. A portion of the sale of each book will be donated to PACC911's EMF. Deb's "failed foster" Mitsu, is also featured in the book, each with their stories, along with many other purebred rescued dogs and some mixes.
We hope you'll take a look ---- Add this wonderful collection to your very own library ---- or give as a Gift to other dog lovers in your family.

Susan Schmitz (f/k/a Susan Richey)
Main Website: www.ADogsLifePhoto.com
Book Website: "Tails of Rescue" -- the book!
Blog: www.PhoenixDogPhotography.com
Phone: 602-386-9997

PACC911's EMF (Phoenix Animal Care Coalition - Emergency Medical Fund).
Many of you are familiar with PACC911 if you've adopted from, or volunteered with us at an adoption event. It is the organization of which AARTA is a member, that puts on the awesome "cookie cutter" events - we never have to wonder if there will be trash cans, water, a map of the venue, etc. These are the things you don't think about until you do "a different" event who isn't quite so organized -- but these little things mean a lot!
The EMF doles out the till to groups who are members like ourselves, to help cover the cost of up to 50% of a special medical need such as bloat, or orthopeadic surgery -- anything other than normal spay/neuter and maintenance care, shots, etc.
We are VERY GRATEFUL for This Program! For the past couple of years have seen the annual cap per group decrease due to current economics. the limit for 2012 is $1200. Often we encountered needs requiring that amount or more, for just one dog. Your contribution is crucial. We hope you will support then raffles and purchase sale items at PACC911 Booths at all their events to fund the EMF, as well as much of the Bowl-A-Rama goodies the day of that event. BE Part of the FUN! Support PACC911!

Show your love of Akitas and support of Akita Rescue with your very own Akita Rescue mug!!
Visit our Zazzle store: AkitaZazzle's Gallery at Zazzle to purchase a stylin' coffee mug or even postage stamps with our vivid AARTA logo!! CHECK OUT our newest product -- a stainless steel travel mug!

It isn't too early to plan your Charitable Giving for tax time.

Please keep our fluffy friends in mind when planning your contributions.

Each dog we save touches not only our hearts, but greatly impacts the lucky family that adopts him or her. In this way we are enriching the lives of our adoptive families, as well as saving the lives of these beautiful dogs.

Mail your check today made out to "C.A.B.R.A. -- AARTA" at P. O. Box 12016, Glendale, Arizona 85318-2016, for a tax-deductible receipt for your contribution.
**When a receipt isn't needed, feel free to use our safe and secure PayPal button at www.AkitaAdvocates.org . ** THANK YOU!!

Our Featured Pet... An Energetic Loving Akita girl named ABBY

Abby is a gorgeous Akita girl about 5 yrs old. She is a little aloof as the Akita book says. Guess she read the book. She has a very dense, thick coat, nicely curled tail, and is very larged boned. She is calm and settled, and well behaved. She can walk on leash without pulling you to the next county. She knows sit, how to use a doggy door, is house trained, loves to go for rides in the car, and will go into and settle down in a crate. She is doing well around another submissive large doggy companion, but cannot live with cats.

Abby is good with most people, but her new home should not have children under 10 yrs old. Abby may have had a birth defect or an injury to her front legs, as they are very stiff. She does not seem to be in any pain, but would be best in a home that is not very active in activities like hiking or running. Walks around the block are fine and she enjoys these.

Abby-dabby-do-dah as she is affectionately known is very expressive. She wants to be in the middle of the action, but is not a lap dog. If you want a dog that's not clingy and licky, Abby is the girl for you. She gets very excited for her food or treats. She'll be a great companion and protector.
Abby was really hoping for a home for Christmas---will you be her Santa -- even if a little late? She'd love to celebrate with you any time of year.

Email AARTA to set up a time to meet Abby.

AARTA's Adoption Process

Our process consists of completing an adoption application/contract, an interview, your family joining us to visit the Akita(s) you are interested in adopting. We perform home visits and there is an adoption fee*.

Everyone living with your new friend is required to meet the dog prior to placement to assure everyone's comfort, this includes other pets, particularly dogs. Dog to dog introductions are done on neutral ground so each can put their best paw forward and avoid common territorial issues.

Our thorough process helps ensure all our Akita friends go into appropriate, safe, loving forever homes. To meet one of our dogs, please complete our adoption application first. This is done out of respect for our volunteers and foster homes, as all have busy schedules, jobs, pets, and families of their own. Please understand everyone involved is a volunteer who does this for the love of the dogs; we have no paid employees.
Adoption fees are refundable within 14 days of placement, once the dog has again been placed. In some circumstances we will extend this time frame, please ask! Understand that we operate on a shoestring budget and have only adoption fees and donations as "income" for all vet, boarding, food, supplies, insurance and other expenses required.

Adoption fees

AARTA adoption fees are based on age and include spay or neuter surgery, microchipping, and all vaccinations up to date. We provide you with all the medical records and information we have, with each dog. Dogs from a Maricopa County Animal Care & Control facility (MCACC) are licensed for Maricopa county.

Adoption fees effective July 18, 2011:

Purebreds ----
Infant Pup: zero to six months old $475
Puppy: seven to twelve months old $395
Young: 13 months to four years old $325
Adult: over four to eight years old $275
Senior: over eight years old $225

Mixes ----
Baby: zero to twelve months old $325
Young: 13 months to four years old $250
Adult: over four to eight years old $150
Senior: over eight years old $100

Our only sources of income are donations and sometimes adoption fees, if the dog's bills are not extensive. Your donations support our efforts saving and re-homing Akitas, and are 100% tax-deductible. Simply make your check out payable to "C.A.B.R.A. - A.A.R.T.A." and mail to P.O. Box 12016, Glendale, AZ 85318-2016. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt by mail, appropriate for filing your yearly taxes. Thank you!

We don't recoup much of our operating expenses from adoption fees,
and we count on our Donors, Supporters, Dog Lovers and Previous Adopters who value our work, to Assist us in helping us continue saving lives in a variety of ways!.

Every amount, DONATION, or SERVICE you PROVIDE makes a difference----no amount is too small! Send a check to our P.O. Box listed above, or visit www.AkitaAdvocates.org and use our convenient PayPal button, OR Contact us and tell us What you can Provide. WE'RE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR DONATIONS OF GIFT CERTIFICATES, GIFT BASKETS, GIFT ITEMS, TRIP VOUCHERS, ANYTHING OF VALUE THAT WE CAN DO A BIG, BIG RAFFLE WITH! WE ARE OPEN FOR SUGGESTIONS!!!

How Does AARTA Define a "Good, Ethical, Reputable & Responsible Breeder"?

We define this as:
A) having a Code Of Ethics (COE) that they follow in their puppy sales & breeding program which they're willing to share with you. This would be a joint COE with other Akita (or other breed) people through an Akita (or other breed) Club, either local or national, or maybe both.
B) actively show their dogs against others of the breed--this keeps their perspective and helps ensure they are striving to improve the breed's health and/or temperament, and maintaining the breed standard. This also shows their commitment TO the breed and that their breeding program isn't simply a money-making effort. "Hobby breeders" do things the right way, show, do all health testing prior to choosing a mate for their dog in any breeding program. They know they will never recoup the money the put into their dogs, but for them improving temperament and maintaining the standard is Why they do it, not for an income.
C) They will also check you out as well or more than you check them out and will help you with any issues that arise, health, conflict, accept the dog back, etc.

There are many people with intact Akitas animals who can and do "breed" yet have no regard of where their puppies (or cats, birds, red sliders, etc) end up. Maybe as an overbred mother or stud for a breeder selling puppies on a street corner which is unfortunately common, yet now outlawed on Phoenix city streets.

AARTA can provide a list of Known, Good, Ethical & Reputable breeders, of ANY breed, with active breeding programs. Just Ask -- we're well connected! We can recommend local breeders quickly, others may take a couple of days using our well developed network.

Please be aware too that some of these so-called "breeders" are very slick marketers & abound online, YouTube, etc. Don't get sucked into pages of glory, GO, VISIT, sit in their home, see their champion dogs' ribbons, get to know the people and their dogs - BEFORE BUYING.
Most will ship to you wherever you are, without concern for matching personalities, or other pets in the household. Some even claim to "rescue" Akitas.... you be the judge. Forwarned is forearmed. Do your homework before falling in love with an online photo.

AARTA, the Squaw Peak Akita Club, and local ethical breeders have received inquiries on, and had several complaints about local unethical "breeders" in the towns of: Queen Creek, Glendale, Maricopa, Apache Junction, Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa.
AARTA cannot name names for libel/slander reasons (some of these "breeder' websites go so far as to talk of their lawyers & pending lawsuits), but WE CAN and WILL tell you a simple "yes I'd go there" or "no I'd pass on them" if you do ask about someone specific. We can also provide testimonials from very unhappy puppy buyers who are taking legal actions against unethical "breeders" so you can avoid them specifically, if you want more information.

We save the majority of the orphans in our care from the local shelters -- Maricopa, Pinal and Pima County shelters, the Yuma and Arizona Humane Societies -- and all of them EUTHANIZE UNWANTED ANIMALS. Roughly half are from Hunte Corp (puppymill distributor to the pet stores) and the rest are from local, unscrupulous breeders (sadly, there are many) who don't care about where their puppies go once they're paid for. We've seen dogs and then seen their cousins a year later... in the shelter, even as puppies... we've seen the telltale bent ears, extra sets of teeth, no socialization, etc. It is very sad.

AARTA's goal, is to eliminate homeless pets, Akitas first & foremost, by ensuring they go to forever homes first (by directing people to breeders with ethical practices (rather than intact dogs & greed) and by helping people work out ways to keep their dogs when issues do arise. We agree that there are times when failing health or a catastrophe necessitates the need to rehome an animal, but not at the insane rates we see year after year.

We are making a dent, and we want our impact to continue to increase by helping as many Akitas as possible. There's a lot of heartbreak in rescue, and the ones that are so preventable come from lousy breeders placing inappropriately. A good breeder knows their lines, can see tendencies towards personalities (still no guarantee but it helps) and will usually not place same sex together in a home, and with any resident dogs will do an extremely careful scrutiny of the dynamics of your current pack.

We hear far too often things like "the breeder sold us our female then sold us the 2nd female the next year, all was great until a week ago and now they can't stand the sight of each other and just want to kill each other....why did he do that and not warn us?"
Or "she said since they were siblings they'd get along just fine". Really really sad. Help keep this from happening to Your family and friends ---- Help Educate!



    AARTA's Wish List

-- Volunteer Help -- Whether you want to be Hand-On, or Help Remotely, we welcome extra hands to help the dogs.

-- We love PET CLUB www.thepetclub.net with Locations all over Arizona and Colorado!
-- High Quality Dog Food (no corn, soy, wheat or animal by-products) ---- We also love Goober Express! (link below)
-- Raw Bones, Treats and Toys (no rawhide please)
-- Leashes - the 4' type or Slip style
-- Kurunda Beds (off the floor, PVC and netting style) - maybe you can Build Some?
-- Large Dog Beds
-- Tick Preventative - collars and treatments
-- lightweight, portable folding tables for adoption events
-- 10' x 10' E-Z up Tent for adoption events
-- Monetary donations for Vet care & Boarding bills - Use our Safe and secure PayPal button on our main page www.AkitaAdvocates.org or go to www.PayPal.com and use our AARTA.AkitaAdvocates@gmail.com Email Address to Give a Gift.
-- large folding wire crates -- particularly 40" and 42"
-- Foster Homes!
-- Transporters TO and FROM Adoption Events (weekend mornings & afternoons)
-- PetsMart gift cards
-- Petco gift cards
-- Goober Express (high quality dog food) gift cards or credit Click here to visit www.gooberexpress.com
-- Ryan's gift cards or credit Click here to visit www.ryanspet.com
-- Items or Services to auction or raffle off for fundraisers (weekend getaways, restaurant gift cards, personal services, products, business services)
-- Sponsor an Akita!

-- Yard Sales! Hold onto your items for our Spring / Fall Yard Sales in Glendale! Every item and dollar helps the dogs!



BOWL-A-RAMA is one of our biggest annual fundraisers every year.

Each year that we've participated, we raised a minimum of $1000 annually and hope to increase that amount in 2015.Help us beat our previous record meet next year's goal of $2,000!! We can do any kind of creative program to Promote Bowl-A-Rama ---- We're open to hearing your ideas!

The last thing we want to do is leave Akitas sitting in the shelter to die, but without increased support and fundraising, we sadly have no choice and cannot save them all.

Thank you to everyone helping us gather donations for the Akitas.

Mark your calendar and don't miss the fun the first Saturday every August - for Annual Bowl-A-Rama! Stay tuned for our plans on how to meet this years goal!!

All donations raised by AARTA go directly to the care and housing of the Akitas we take in. These big fluffy babes, through no fault of their own often find themselves at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control and other shelters, where we take them off of the euthanasia list and find them new homes. All dogs we place are altered, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations. Pets received from Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC) are licensed for Maricopa County, Arizona.

Please support our efforts by donating today! Email AARTA.AkitaAdvocates@gmail.com or visit our MAIN WEBSITE: www.AkitaAdvocates.org and use convenient Paypal - the secure, free, easy way to help save lives!!

AARTA is a 501(c)(3) Charity! Plan now for your 2015 Charitable Giving.

AARTA is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization (listed as "Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona")
Please keep our fluffy friends in mind when planning your contributions. Each dog we save touches not only our hearts, but greatly impacts the lucky family that adopts him or her. In this way we are helping families as well as saving lives of beautiful dogs. Mail your check today made out to "C.A.B.R.A. -- AARTA" at P. O. Box 12016, Glendale, Arizona 85318-2016, for a tax-deductible receipt for your contribution.
Or use the safe and secure PayPal button on our main page www.AkitaAdvocates.org
or go to www.PayPal.com and use our AARTA.AkitaAdvocates@gmail.com email to Send a Gift for the Akita Orphans

Akita People:
Have you ever considered joining your local Akita club? Here in Arizona we have the Squaw Peak Akita Club and one of the year's most fun functions is the Spring Match Picnic. We join together with the Shiba Inu club. We have games, contests, a pot luck lunch (no we don't toss all the dogs together -- don't worry). Email us at AARTA.AkitaAdvocates@gmail.com or call 602-88-AKITA (602-882-5482) for more information on our next fun event.
The Squaw Peak Akita Club welcomes new members, and consists of local, Responsible breeders (the Club has a strong Code of Ethics) and pet Akita owners, some rescue adoptees, some pet quality purchased, all who simply love their dogs!

AARTA is always looking for more help with the homeless Akitas. We are VERY thankful for all of our volunteers who make a difference by caring for the dogs in so many ways... shopping for treats and toys, making runs to pick up a sick dog who needs to go to the vet, talking to people at adoption events about the dogs and the breed, giving quality care and sponsoring healthcare for our needy Akitas, donating funds for the continued care of homeless Akitas, the creativity and generosity of those who are continually making items to sell and things to support and further our cause... and the list goes on.

Carol, Ken, Terri, Elizabeth, Fetu, Clay, Juanita and Courtney, Sia, Anthony, Gordon and Pat - you are all so appreciated - I hope you know how much your efforts impact the dogs of AARTA. ROO ROOOO & THANK YOU!

** Since our inception in December 2004 we have placed over 500 dogs in forever homes!! ** We are very proud and hope you will join us in our efforts! We have worked hard to do this and aren't stopping - rather we are working harder and smarter to not only place orphaned Akitas but also to Help Owners KEEP their dogs through education, training, and referrals to lower priced vets for needed care.

Who We Are

We are a group of friends and Akita club members dedicated to helping Akitas in need, and placing orphaned Akitas in approved homes.

Our adoptable Akitas are in foster homes and in a commercial kennel that costs us Dearly; we do not have a shelter facility. All our efforts are done in our spare time, with our own and donated funds.
This is truly a labor of love. Please help us to save and care for these magnificent dogs.

Not ready for a long-term commitment?

Consider instead, a short-term commitment by helping a dog in need, and getting some canine love returned ten times over! Foster homes are our greatest need - if you know and love the breed, but are not quite ready for a lifetime commitment, fostering will give you the companionship you desire and help homeless dogs at the same time!

One question we hear over and over again... "Isn't it difficult to let go of a dog once it's been living in your home? Doesn't it break your heart to say goodbye? How do you do it?"
Answer: Yes, and no! Watching a dog learn to trust, play, gain weight and get over an illness is extremely fulfilling. Even just watching the healthy ones adjust to being in a home again, and finding the perfect family for each one, is a great feeling that is unmatched in other accomplishments. Talk to some of our fosters and see for yourself!

What is important to keep in mind is the level of screening AARTA does in approving adoptive homes. Our interview process and careful screening allows us the comfort zone to "give up" our foster babies knowing they are going to be a great addition to a wonderful forever home for them. We're are then able to save another life as there is again room for one more.

Fostering an orphaned Akita can last anywhere from three days in an emergency situation up to six months for general foster care. You're not locked into any commitment if things aren't working out as you expected.
You are filling a very important, and much needed role. Sometimes we just need an extra spot for a few days until a space is available in the kennels where we board. Taking dogs from the shelter, we are working on a finite time schedule, they have to go out or they have to go down (be euthanized). There is no negotiating with the shelters past a couple of days if the dog is not deemed adoptable. The county shelter workers have the toughest job of all and are not to blame for the need to euthanize many animals on a daily basis.

Rather it is irresponsible owners who are to blame or them ending up homeless to begin with. Unfortunately our beloved Akitas fail the temperament testing done by shelters. This is because they are tested with other dogs, and tested with food and other dogs. Most of our furkids aren't too happy about "sharing their kibble."

The orphans we are able to help from the shelters really are great dogs. They seem to have a sense of being given a second chance and are so grateful and loving. Their unconditional love, and seeing them go into great new homes and families, is priceless Don't take our word for it - visit with one of our foster families and see for yourself - then give it a shot - we think you'll be hooked!

Just like owning an Akita teaches you a few things and changes you for the better, fostering one does the same thing but you can do it over and over again to multiply that good feeling!

To become one of our Approved Foster Homes, visit our MAIN WEBSITE: www.AkitaAdvocates.org for an application and foster agreement.

An "Approved Foster Home" is one who has completed the application process, which is very similar to our adoption process, including home visit, and references are verified. References must be people who do not live in your home. Our process is thorough and is designed to find suitable temporary homes while a forever home is found. The dogs we take in frequently have been strays or juggled around already, therefore stability is crucial. Most are already potty-trained and have some obedience

Contact us by email: AARTA.AkitaAdvocates@gmail.com or call 602-88-AKITA (882-5482) to register as an AARTA foster home and make a difference!

AARTA - Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona
Our Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 12016
Glendale, AZ 85318-2016
MAIN WEBSITE: www.AkitaAdvocates.org
Akita Message Line: 602-88-AKITA (602-882-5482)
Email: AARTA.AkitaAdvocates@gmail.com
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