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Since the founding of Stray Central in 1983, we have been a refuge for hundreds of stray, unwanted, abused, and neglected animals while helping countless others find new forever homes. Our focus is on cats but, through networking, we’ve been able to assist dogs and many other species as well. Unfortunately, because of our limited space and my health problems, I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life – to severely limit the number of rescues Stray Central can take in. We simply don't have the room or enough foster homes to accommodate the demand. We will continue to have cats available for adoption at the Fayetteville Petsmart and posted here on our Petfinder site so please take a look at those searching for a new family! Also, I'll continue to be a resource for questions and to help place animals (including posting them here for you) so if you need my assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me!

The main goal of Stray Central is to spay/neuter, vaccinate, tend to the medical/emotional needs, and be a safe haven for as many homeless, unwanted, and abused/neglected companion animals as possible until they can be adopted into loving, forever homes. But a big part of Stray Central’s mission is to be a devoted home where cats with severe medical, emotional, and/or behavioral problems can spend their remaining days with love, understanding, and without the threat of euthanasia. Because most of these are “special needs” felines, they require frequent vet care, medications, special food, and other maintenance that doesn’t come cheap. Between the rescues we get ready to go up for adoption and the permanent residents of Stray Central, it’s a constant financial struggle to give them the best care possible. And that’s where you come in… by DONATING FUNDS to our effort! Every little bit helps us save lives and gives many animals a second chance they otherwise wouldn’t have. Simply CLICK the "DONATE" BUTTON below to help the animals of Stray Central - and for your safety and security, we're PayPal verified! Also, because we're a 501(c)(3) organization, your CONTRIBUTION is TAX DEDUCTIBLE! What could be better - helping stray, unwanted, and abused/neglected animals while keeping Uncle Sam out of your pocket at the same time! :-)

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If you can’t help financially, please take a look at our Needs List below. Maybe you have or have access to some of these DESPERATELY needed items. Even though we're only taking in a very limited number of cats, we still strive to give excellent care for the ones here and every day is a struggle to provide for their needs, especially food and veterinary services! And remember, because we’re a nonprofit agency, your donation is tax deductible!

Gift Cards to Petsmart, Petco, and Wal-Mart – To keep our rescues in food, treats, toys, and other supplies.

Large sacks of Purina Indoor formula (in the green bags) and/or Purina Cat Chow (in the blue bags) – While we’re grateful for any cat food, Purina Cat Chow has very little dye whereas Friskies, Meow Mix, etc. are loaded with dye, which make the cats sick more often.

Credit paid on our account to our veterinarian – Dr. Alan Thompson of Farmington Veterinary Clinic (479-267-3276) on Highway 62W in Farmington (next to Redi-Lube). The account is under our Director’s name, Lisa Barnett.

Cat condos and cat trees – Our rescued felines love these to climb, scratch, and sleep on but their favorite use is for perches to look out the windows and watch the birds.

Gift Cards to Office Depot – For printer cartridges & miscellaneous office supplies for Stray Central business.

Gift Cards to Lowe’s or Home Depot – For sisal (rope) to re-cover our well-worn cat scratching posts.

Carpet runners – With a houseful of animals, we need these to protect the carpet we have.

Multi-packs of paper towels – As you can imagine, our rescues make a lot of messes to clean up!

Revolution flea treatment (any size for dog or cat) and Frontline Spray – Over-the-counter flea/tick spot-on’s like you get at Wal-Mart simply don’t work and Hartz is deadly to cats!

Vinyl privacy fence panels, posts, hardware (available at Lowe’s), and a kind soul to install it – The rescues really need a safe outdoor enclosure and this is perfect because it’s movable.

Late-model reliable vehicle (car or SUV) – We rely on the Director's 16-year old car that needs more repairs than it’s worth! We need dependable transportation to get our rescues to the vet, to attend adoption events, to transport between rescues, and pick up donations. If your car dealership or business donates a vehicle, Stray Central will gladly acknowledge your kindness with a sign on the vehicle saying it was donated by your business. What a great way for you to get a tax break and free advertising while letting everyone know you support a great cause! Plus, we can give the donor our 1995 Dodge Intrepid if interested.

A permanent residence for our rescue home – Three times in the past four years, Stray Central has been forced to relocate because our rented residences were either sold or foreclosed on. Every move is extremely hard on our rescues, who have had enough turmoil and need consistency in their lives. Many of our rescues will live out the remainder of their lives at Stray Central due to severe emotional, behavioral, or medical problems that make them unadoptable and relocating them time after time only makes their problems worse and makes getting problem rescues ready for adoption very difficult.

Cash donations – Are always needed, welcomed, and appreciated!! :-)

Another way you can help the animals I’m unable to take is to VOLUNTEER AS A FOSTER HOME! There's a DESPERATE need for caring individuals in and around Northwest Arkansas who can be foster homes for cats, especially pregnant cats, mommas with kittens, cats recovering from illness, and those who need more socialization. If you are in our area and can temporarily care for these felines in need, please contact me!

All the pets we have for adoption are also posted on my friend and fellow rescuer's web site at There are some wonderful animals there who are looking for equally wonderful homes so be sure to check it out!

I thank each and every one of you who have adopted from Stray Central, gifted us with donations, and have given me the much-needed moral support to keep going. Rescue is a tough "business" to be in and I couldn't do it without you!

Stray Central
Lisa Barnett, Director
Springdale, AR 72762
Phone: 479-750-0449

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