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All our dogs were rescued, given lots of love and ALL shots. They are ready for, and deserve, good homes.

[06/24/14] New pets added and adopted pets have been removed.

Please check out the latest pictures on the Pet List to see if one captures your heart to become your new friend.

Or, if you want to add a cat to your family, please call Bobbie. She has several that have already been spayed or neutered and all are up to date on shots.

Our Featured Pet


Click to see our featured pet...ANDY!!

Andy is a two year old Red Heeler. He is good with other dogs and people....has not been tested with cats. Andy is up-to-date on shots and will be neutered prior to adoption. He would love an indoor/outdoor home with a fenced yard to play in. If you want to add Andy to your family, please call 256-974-3370 or email

PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION OF ANY AMOUNT TO HELP BOBBIE BUILD A PRO-LIFE SHELTER.......donations can be made through Paypal at or mailed to: Animal Rescue Shelter of Lawrence County Alabama, Inc., P.O. Box 655, Moulton, AL 35650. No amount is too small.



The objectives of the persons forming the ANIMAL RESCUE SHELTER OF LAWRENCE COUNTY, ALABAMA, are as follows:

1. Creation of an entity (corporate) to be utilized to benefit companion animals;

2. Qualify said entity as a 501c3 corporation with the United States Internal Revenue Commission for the purpose of receiving tax-deductible donations and/or grants.

3. Operate an animal-friendly/animal-compassionate shelter in Lawrence County, Alabama where the goal is adoption of animals, not death of animals

4. Educate the public concerning the over population of companion animals and the need to spay/neuter said animals; and

5. Create and operate a spay/neuter clinic offering reasonably-priced spay/neuter services.


ANIMAL RESCUE SHELTER OF LAWRENCE COUNTY, ALABAMA, INC. shall be formed in Lawrence County, Alabama, but will be recognized and authenticated by the State of Alabama Secretary of State. It shall be a not-for-profit corporation as defined by the laws of the State of Alabama and the laws of the United States of America.


The corporate Board of Directors shall control the operation of said corporation and shall adopt relevant and necessary bylaws, rules and regulations pertaining to the day-to- day operation of said corporation. It is envisioned by the members of the above-named Board of Directors that a full-time and salaried Director will be employed, along with any other necessary compensated employees (full-time or part-time), but that un-compensated volunteers will be utilized when feasible.

Control of the corporate income and expenditures shall be with the Board of Directors, who may delegate it to Chief Financial Officer. All corporate income shall be deposited into one or more corporate bank accounts/certificates of deposit/savings accounts and all expenditures shall be evidenced by a purchase order and/or written receipt. There shall be a monthly written accounting (due by the 10th of the following month) of all corporate income and expenditures. Said monthly accounting shall be a public document available for disclosure to anyone who seeks said information in a written request delivered to the Board of Directors, Director, or Chief Financial Officer. There shall be a policy of total transparency in the financial operation of the corporation.

The Board of Directors and the Director will work together to reach the objectives, as set forth herein. Various employees or volunteers will be organized into committees to accomplish the objectives of the Corporation; including, but not limited to, the following:

1. Fundraising, including donations and grants;

2. Locating and purchasing land and/or land with improvements to be utilized to house and maintain companion animals;

3. Identifying and screening of persons or organizations for the placement of an available animal;

4. Creating and operating a spay/neuter program (including a trap/neuter/release program for feral animals);

5. Creating and operating educational programs to educate the public concerning the ownership of companion animals, the need for spaying/neutering; and how to recognize and report animal abuse; and

6. Seeking and supporting the enactment of stronger laws for the protection of animals, as well as the enforcement of current laws prohibiting the abuse of animals.


In the event of dissolution of the corporation, or if the entity ceases to operate, the assets of said corporation, after winding up its operation and paying all outstanding obligations, shall be conveyed to a non-governmental entity that has the same goals and objectives of protecting and enhancing the lives of companion animals.

Animal Rescue Shelter of Lawrence County, AL, Inc.
Bobbie Taylor, Founder
Phone: 256-974-3370

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Last Update: Tuesday, June 24, 2014