Calhoun County Animal Control Center We are their voice ...PAWS FOR INFORMATION...Each year 6-8 million dogs and cats are turned in or picked up by shelters. 3-4 million of those are euthanized each year and the other 3-4 million are adopted....... 25% of all dogs in shelters are purebreds....... Over a 6 year period, 1 female dog + 1 male dog + their offspring can produce 67,000 puppies!...... Over a 7 year period, 1 female cat + 1 male cat+ their offspring can produce 420,000 cats!

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Leash Law: The term "leash law" in Alabama is a slang term for : Alabama Code Section 3-1-5, Permitting dogs to run at large which basically states that your dog must be in your control at ALL times. You are responsible for the destruction or injury that is caused by your dog if it is not in your control.

Rabies Laws: Alabama law states that all dogs and cats must receive annual rabies vaccinations starting at the age of 3 months. The dog or cat must wear a current rabies tag on a collar at ALL times.

Spay and Neuter : Some pet owners are not aware of the advantages of spaying or neutering their pet. In addition to the obvious advantage of preventing unwanted pregnancies, there are health and behavioral benefits including the following: