("Monkey" or Doodlebug as I called her has passed away. She will truly be missed. She had such a hard life for such a little tiny injured baby. We loved her so. Please make arrangements to come to our Candlelight Vigil for ALL the Animals that have passed away in your lives and ours or because of the nasty abuse and neglect. God Bless.)

The S.P.C.A. of the Kenai Peninsula Inc.

Our Pet List

Click here to see our Happy Tails! ATTN: OUR URL IS NOT FINISHED! WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are looking for the following to ass't. us: grantwriter, fundraiser coordinator, newsletters and web designer incl. pasting new logo (we will be giving the names of the individuals who won along with their prizes too as that has still yet to be done. To those persons, please be patient. We have been extremely busy.) We are also looking for BOARD MEMBERS. If you are interested in being on our Board and setting the new guidelines, laws, etc. please contact our CEO immediately. We have all the animals, news, events, donations pg., forms, stories, many links, and so much more that needs to be inputted. We will still place our link at the top of this pg. for your convenience. We want to give a very warm Thank You to Petfinders for this site. We will continue to keep this site active. We have a LOT of people asking for all kinds of assistance from us, but you need to remember.... we are ALL Volunteers. We cannot get to everyone with a shortage of Volunteers. A lot of our Volunteers have been with us from the beginning. Some are becoming physically and emotionally effected. (If you have EVER dealt with Animal Cruelty at all, you understand.) Many of us have had to cut back on our duties and hrs. We need Volunteers for various duties as well. If you can put in even an hour or two a week, that would be so very helpful. Again, please contact our CEO as soon as possible. NOTE: We are in DESPERATE need of monetary and in-kind donations for the proper care/treatment for ALL the animals we have rec'd. & still receiving. PLEASE, donate even $5.00. WE NEED MEDS. & MORE. Thank you. PLEASE BEAR WITH US.... We are so very busy and short handed. We also will be hiring soon. That will be posted AFTER we get our newly elected Board of Directors together first. Also, if you are looking to adopt an animal, please check FIRST with your Local Animal Control. They always have animals that NEED to be placed FIRST as they have a time limit. God Bless.

Pet of the Month

ATTN. Our pet of the month introduces herself: "Ruffus" is a young, male cat. He is a sweetheart and needs a loving family. H gets along fine with other animals, given that he gets time to adjust to his new home. Pic. to come soon. We have many pics., and more we need to get on this site and the SPCA site. He can be indoors only at this time and is litter box trained. He has been bounced around, so it will take some TLC and patience with him.


IMPORTANT: If you see something that needs to be brought to our attn., PLEASE CONTACT US. We are here to help....not hurt. God Bless.

CURRENT NEWS: We continue to work with other rescue's and our own SEARCH/RESCUE op. here thru-out AK. OUR FIRST PRIORITY IS THE ANIMALS IN ALASKA OF COURSE. PLEASE; ANY DONATIONS YOU CAN SEND WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. (Mileage Awards work great!) Please contact us for our Airline Accts. as the mileage plans work great here in Ak.! God Bless.

Who We Are

We are a "Search/Rescue Org." as well as a "Quality Life Facility". A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corp. and abide by all State and Federal reg's. We survive primarily through donations, fundraisers, and grants. We offer vouchers for spays and/or neuters. HOWEVER... there are not many Vets. that are accepting our up to 100% Vouchers at this time. We are working diligently on getting a Mobile Unit up and running to alleviate the overflow of unwanted litters. We are also working with other Vets. in Alaska that ARE accepting of our up to 100% vouchers. If you have not rec'd. your vouchers from us, this is why. PLEASE, Be Patient. NOTE: We Rescue ALL types of animals. Our mission is to "Preserve and Protect ALL Animal Rights". We work closely with all law enforcement agencies as well as other non-profits within the State of Ak. and many other States. AS WITH OTHER NON-PROFITS, WE ARE OUR OWN ENTITY. We are associated with many org's., and indiv. Nationwide. We take great pride in our adoption rate (95%). We utilize foster homes & our own! ** We work together for a common bond: THE ANIMALS! PLEASE.....Help Us to Help Them.

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adopting one of our friends, we have a form that you will need to fill out and we will make every effort to accommodate you. We want to match the right animal with the right owner.

Come Visit Us!

We have rec'd. a few wonderful gifts, and one will become our "Quality Life Facilty". A HUGE Thank You to ALL the Volunteers that helped us in getting our First Bldg. moved. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. We are in DESPERATE need of add'l. equip. If you can assist, please e-mail our CEO. You will be provided with what our NEEDS are. Thank you. We will have our "Grand Opening" as soon as possible. Then...please come by and visit us. We would love to meet you and you meet our furry friends, wonderful volunteers/ SPCA FAMILY! Directions from XX east or west: We will give directions to our "Quality Life Facility" VERY SOON.
The S.P.C.A. of the Kenai Peninsula Inc.
P.O. Box 231
Sterling AK 99672-0231
Phone: 907-262-8800 (main); 907-262-8550 (CEO's direct/fax)
Email: spcaak@excite.com
Email: CEO's e-mail
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