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Partner Sites:

Examples include Petco.com, Zootoo.com, Dogster, Catster and classifieds sites such as Oodle.com and eBay Classifieds.

A note about Oodle & eBay Classifieds:

Petfinder has teamed up with Oodle & eBay Classifieds in an effort to have your adoptable pets seen more on the Web. With the Oodle & eBay Classifieds program, your homeless pets will not only be looked at on your Petfinder page, but they will also be seen in the Oodle & eBay Classifieds pet listings. This will include the pet’s profile, very similar to the Petfinder “Pet Notes” page, and will include a link to your Petfinder “Pet Notes” page.

While Oodle & eBay Classifieds give your pets much broader exposure, we understand that the adopters who will be looking on the Oodle & eBay Classifieds are most likely not the same high quality demographic as those who visit Petfinder. We aim to reach different audiences and encourage them to adopt rather than buy a pet. If just a fraction of new people learn about adoption, we can save many more pet lives.

The Petfinder API for developers:

Examples of our API users include The Shelter Pet Project and independent developers.