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Adopted from Adopt-A-Pet Clinic, Inc., Troy, NY.

I have always wanted a cat. Problem? My dad was allergic to cats. If we brought a random cat from the street home, he would most likely start wheezing and would be sent to the hospital. I was on the World Wide Web and stumbled across hypoallergenic cats, which is where I got interested.

Day after day, I would check on this website and look for Siberians or Russian blues. It was so hard, because we were picky about things like distance, breed, and even ears (don't ask). We even considered a Siberian breeder, we even made plans to meet up and look at the cats, but the breeder never showed up.

My mom was telling me we should find a breeder, so I was about to give up. I searched all the hypoallergenic cat breed kittens one last time, hopeless, when I found a Maine coon named Sadie. There was no picture, but she was a hypoallergenic kitten 15 minutes away, and I was immediately hooked. We talked to the clinic and got to meet Sadie, and though we thought they were interviewing us, they actually encouraged us to adopt her! I fell in love with Sadie's cuddly fur and sweet personality, and a week later after a vacation we took her home.

She was a bit skittish at first, considering she was found on the street, but after a week or two, she grew to be so affectionate and kind. I love holding her, and I am so thrilled that my dream came true- to get a hypoallergenic cat. If it weren't for Petfinder, I may not have ever gotten a kitten as sweet as Sadie.

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