Sebastian - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Cat

Adopted from Forgotten Cats Inc., Claymont, DE.

At first when my Markiz "blue Persian" died I thought this sadness would never leave me" My brother wanted to get me the same cat the same day but I dreamed of blue eyes cat. I went tothe Petfinder and found one that wasn't even available. I think I was the first one who saw him. Few days later when the vet bill came clear I was driving to 2.5 hours to Delaware.

Sebastian was so lost and scared. He could not understand why someone would just leave him. So much noise, so many people and cats, the cage, the knotted hair, the food that he didn't want to eat because his world crashed.

Markiz went to kitten heaven and asked Kitten God: "God please, I had such a wonderful life and my mom is heartbroken send her someone to heal." God said: "I know just one that needs some healing too."

The End

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