Pumpkin - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Cat

Adopted from SPOT (Saving Pets One at a Time), Burlington, WA.

We found Saving Pets One at a Time (S.P.O.T) through Petfinder. My partner and I had been looking around for the right kitten for a couple months. Prior to us moving to our current location, we lived in a home with outside, inside and outside/inside cats (5 of them). We were so used to having feline companions by us all the time, cuddling and demanding attention, that we couldn't imagine our lives without one. After some digging around Petfinder, we saw some ADORABLE orange and white kittens (3) available for adoption. They were available for viewing at a PetSmart a city over. At first, we figured we were going to adopt from that litter of brothers (all 8 weeks), but there had been a little orange boy in the window over. He was by himself because his sisters had been adopted as soon as they were available. He had just arrived the night before and he was so nervous and withdrawn, but once he escaped his cage, he was climbing everywhere! He was big enough to jump onto the metal doors; he looked like a little monkey!

My partner fell in love. He was adamant about not leaving without the kitten, but I was certain that our schedule wouldn't allow us much time for an energetic kitten. I was trying to be considerate of the kitten and ourselves, but he wouldn't have it. So I caved; we adopted him and changed his name to Pumpkin. Original, right? But we got him in fall, so it sounded suitable! :)

At first, giving him attention wasn't hard, but it got harder a month or two later. I was the only one home taking care of him, and kittens, as many know, need a LOT of attention. They don't need it 24/7, but if you don't have all the right things/objects to teach them manners and for them to release kitten energy -- it gets hard by yourself. There were a few times when I told my partner that we needed to give him back unless he worked harder to pay attention to him. I was getting overwhelmed with schooling and this set-up was not going to work, but after a sit-down talk, we figured out a compromise.

He is the absolute most loving cat. His demeanor when he first meets anyone is cautious and reserved, but he opens up very quickly. He loves company. He loves people and other cats too (even though he's the only cat in our home). He gives us a lot of love and laughs. He loves to climb, kick, and get on his hind legs to box with his front paws. He never uses his nails (except when he doesn't want you to hold him and tries very hard to get traction to escape). He loves to lick your face. And each morning, when the alarm goes off, even if I decide to stay in bed 15 more minutes, he snuggles his face as close as he can to mine and nuzzles, grooms and rolls all over me.

He's more than I expected when we first adopted him, and inow he's all I could ask for. We give him affection, clean water, good food, toys, perches and scratch posts ,and he's a happy kitten -- ready to love and play. It was not easy (because I overwhelm so quickly) but he was worth all of it and I couldn't imagine giving him away.

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