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Adopted Cat

Adopted from The Haven-Friends for Life No-Kill Animal Shelter, Raeford, NC.

When I went into PetSmart on October 23, 2013 I was looking to see if a previous cat that I was wanting to adopt was still there and upon my arrival I was told that he had been adopted. Well I was still determine to adopt a cat so I went into the cat room and looked them all over. However a brown tabby domestic short-haired cat caught my eye. He was in the same cage that the previous cat that I wanted was in and he had the same sweet personality and disposition. When he came to the bars for me to pet him it was love at first sight. For days, I worried that someone else would adopt him before I had a chance to and I called to check to see if he was still available. Finally the big day had arrived and when I went to PetSmart on November 1, 2013 he was not only still there, but seemed to know that I was taking him home. He stuck to my side the whole time we were there and once I got him home he knew it was now his home and adjusted from day 1. When my 9 year old son came home from school was the first time they saw each other and it was love at first sight as RKO went right to my son. RKO is the joy in my son's and my life now and we cannot imagine life without him. He has the sweetest personality, gets along with our other pets (which is one guinea pig and two pet rats) and he is so loving. I would encourage anyone to adopt a shelter pet. Not only will you be saving a life, but will also gain a friend for life. RKO knows that he has been saved and he is so very grateful and we are grateful to have him

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