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Adopted from Helping Persian Cats, Beverly Hills, CA.

Mr. Miggins found his forever home in February of 2012. Four months prior, our beloved Mr. Marmar had passed away from kidney disease at the age of 14. We saw Mr. Miggins (looking identical to Mr. Marmar) on the Helping Persian Cats Facebook page looking quite dreary behind the cold, animal shelter cage. After a month with HPC's wonderful foster parents, Mr. Miggins emerged as a changed kitty. Shaved, optimistic and craving cuddles, he showered us with affection as did we. We are eternally grateful for HPC for choosing our family. Mr. Miggins has 3 feline siblings ( all ladies and rescues) plus 2 human siblings ( 8 yr old, 1 yr old) that love him to death. Mr. Miggins recently tied the knot with rescue kitty Miss Minky with a lavish wedding in Santa Barbara. His favorite things are Friskies kitty treats, sleeping flat on his back, cuddling and purring, and chasing the other lady cats. He loves to give Miss Minky "love bites" regularly. We love Mr. Miggins! You can follow Mr. Miggins on the blog, Teacups and Couture.

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