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Adopted from New Hampshire Small Dog Rescue, Alstead, NH.

I have always had a dog growing up. The worst thing about leaving for college is that I would be without my beloved pet for so long. Finally I graduated and a few years later my boyfriend and I were in a position to adopt our first pet. We knew we wanted a small dog because we live in an apartment in the city. We both decided we would look into adopting a young dachshund because we heard wonderful things about the breed and we were also hoping to get a dog that already had some training. We immediately went to Petfinder to see what lovely pets they had up for adoption. Bella was not my first choice. But there was a video on her page that showed this sweet little dog on her hind legs begging for attention from the camera man. Right then we knew we had to try and adopt her. The adoption experience was wonderful. The rescue facility was so helpful and was always available to us via phone and email, even after we took Bella home. She was brought to NH on a huge truck full of doggies from different states (she came from Arkansas). The truck had to meet everyone in a parking lot in NH. I have never experienced anything as wonderful as this event. The truck pulls in and people from about 30 cars spill out and we all wait in line to get our new family member. When each dog came out the whole group of people cheered and exclaimed how adorable each one was. Everyone around you was so happy and excited, it was such a positive experience. We have now had Bella for 4 years and I would not change a thing. She is a ray of sunshine in our home and is the most loving dog I have ever had. Her main purpose in life is to be pet, give kisses, and make everyone around her feel special. I don't think she could have ended up in a better home, and I don't think we could have found a better companion. I hope more people have this experience, especially when adopting a pet. Because I know for me, this was one of the greatest things I have ever done. Thank you petfinder for helping us find a perfect little buddy!

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