Everest - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Rabbit

Adopted from Special Bunny, Carnation, WA.

We had four happy bunnies who clicked well together, when a coworker asked if we might want a fifth one who she didn't really have time to play with. That sounded fine (all are spayed and neutered), so we brought Snowy home. Despite our best efforts to introduce her properly, the girl rabbits started fighting with her and especially with each other. We decided Snowy needed her own pal, and a friend mentioned Everest who was on Petfinder, an adorable bunny with helicopter ears just like Snowy! He'd been rescued by an outstanding rabbit shelter and raised from infancy. After we applied to adopt him, the shelter even offered to bond Everest with Snowy. They fell for each other immediately, each recognizing a soulmate, and we brought him home as Snowy's special buddy. They are crazy about each other, head butting (Everest on the right), grooming each other, romping about our secure backyard with the dogs, and hanging out with us and sharing treats. In this photo, they have just kicked all of their hay out of the litter box so they can zoom around and kick up their heels, chase each other, eating hay on occasion when they want a snack.

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